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Excerpt from the Cosmic Pulse of Life

DIMENSIONS UNMEASURABLE, by Trevor James Constable

A man who has bought a theory will fight a vigorous rearguard action against the facts. —JOSEPH ALSOP

Trevor James Constable

Mechanistically-minded humans have accepted uncritically the theory of interplanetary spaceships as the fundamental explanation of UFOs. This theory has dominated the subject from the modern advent of the phenomena down to the present day. Involving only a linear projection of extant earthly technology, and doing no violence to the mechanistic cosmo-conception, this simplistic theory has paralyzed the thought processes of several generations of human beings interested in UFOs.

Acceptable as one theory relevant to certain types of UFOs, the ships-from-other-planets approach was elevated irrationally to the status of a foregone conclusion for explaining every UFO sighting. The bankruptcy of official science in the empirical phase of the UFO field is due to its having sought to prove this foregone conclusion. The time has come to establish a more rational perspective, from which we will allow the phenomena to tell us about themselves in their own way. Manifestation is a language of its own, and one we must learn. Compulsively demanding that phenomena respond to mechanistic criteria has been barren of results.


The ships-from-other-planets concept was the bedrock upon which an “establishment” in ufology was erected. Immature notions of cosmic workings characterize this approach, together with overconfidence in the current crop of mechanistic scientists. Habile and pitilessly efficient at perfecting engines of destruction, these men have drawn blanks on UFOs. The charm of the ships-from-other-planets notion lay for years in the expectation that UFOs could be understood with existing scientific knowledge, or with linear extensions of such knowledge that were deemed imminent. The approach least likely to disturb the neurotic weltanschauung, ships-from-other-planets therefore became automatically the most popular, despite its irreconcilability with a large corpus of observations.

Subscribers to this theory as the primary explanation for UFOs exhibit a marked blindness in connection with UFO propulsion. Ships-from-other-planets as they have impinged on earth life, command a power source impenetrable to official science. Energy in some arcane form is being used for propulsion in a way that earthmen do not yet understand. Since extensions of existing technology in no way approach UFO propulsion capabilities as observed, native common sense suggests, with much evidential support, that progress may be made by taking a wholly new approach.

Ships-from-other-planets devotees usually recoil from this idea. Common sense suggests a possible beginning in offbeat, borderland areas of investigation and thought, where human beings of novel bent have always labored outside and usually beyond official science. The mavericks of this borderland include many qualified scientists who explore the field avocationally. These scientists tackle phenomena that do not square with mechanistic concepts and methods, or which seemingly spill over into the methodologically forbidden realm of faith. Such individuals are increasing in number, and they are true to the ideals of science.

Since UFOs stand outside mechanistic concepts, and have also evoked a powerful mystico-religious response among humans, this borderland area of original, untrammeled work and thought might be expected to yield valuable indications to any UFO project mounted by official science. No such approach has been made. On the contrary, scientists who had studied UFOs avocationally—sometimes investing thousands of hours of their leisure in this way—were ruled out of the Colorado University project for fear that their objectivity would be adversely influenced. Organized ufology has also been unable to extend itself even to the fringe of the borderland.

Evidence that punches holes in mechanistic conceptions—such as the multitudinous examples of materialization of UFOs—is papered over or shunted aside in favor of evidence considered “harder”, that is, more accessible to mechanistic method. When the UFO subject began to take on an inevitable mystical and occult aspect, establishment-type UFO organizations responded by elevating ministers and rabbis to their boards and committees. They have proved themselves as helpless as the official scientists. The main idea in all these machinations was to maintain comfort and avoid tackling the invisible.

Contact stories were dismissed as unworthy of scientific consideration, and every establishment-type UFO organization has a list of such “cranks.” The irrationality of these organizations seems incredible, since they obviously conclude that UFO intelligences should communicate only with two groups of earthmen:
1. Scientists already beaten by the phenomena, which had torn the fabric of Mechanism to rags. 2. Political leaders who were using the full machinery of government to suppress UFO evidence and discourage its discussion.

This irrational bias toward an orthodox, thoroughly safe approach to the subject has barred the way to the comprehensive theory that the facts—be they welcome or unwelcome—demand out of their own stuff and substance. A comprehensive theory of UFOs cannot evade what has been observed, experienced and recorded by human beings in connection with UFOs, nor may it exclude the mass-psychological factors that militate against free discussion of the subject. Many dimensions of the UFO problem are indeed immeasurable.

The UFO mystery is intimately involved with the whole question of how human beings perceive phenomena, and how their perceptions are bioenergetically and biopsychiatrically distorted. In short, we confront the inherent errors of man’s natural philosophy. The idea that UFOs and their technical principles can be adequately dealt with by unaided physicists, engineers and aerospace specialists, supported by ministers of religion—is recklessly naive. The days when we can delude ourselves that we are investigating this subject when we run deferentially to panels of physicists for approval of our findings, or when we try and get Congress to act, are gone forever for all realists. The experts of this earth are experts in what this subject—these phenomena—are not.

UFO phenomena are all around us, unseen. This basic fact has been established by radar and further demonstrated by my pioneering photography. Accurate understanding of such phenomena requires the New Knowledge, in which formal qualifications may well run second, third, or worse to actual participation. Cosmic tides wash strongly against the ivory towers of mechanistic science, and will tumble those ivory towers just as soon as old ways and methods are transmuted by the brilliant young men and women already entering upon careers in science. They are a new and different breed of human, and formal education lags far behind the exceptional powers and capacities that they have brought with them into the world.

Native common sense, activism, unblocked perceptions and a free human being’s understanding and acceptance of his own basic life processes, are the primary qualifications for facing UFOs on their own ground. The new young scientists have these faculties and capacities. Their diligent scientific labors in years to come will codify what is merely broached and indicated in this book—in short, they will make it into the science of tomorrow. By summarizing here the tradition-wrecking aspects of UFOs, we can illustrate strikingly the need for a fundamentally new thinking—strong and vital enough to break man out of the straitjacket of the past.

The role of radar in demonstrating the invisibility of many UFOs has already been described, and its role in provoking the phenomena broached for later elaboration. Subsequent to the large-scale development of radar, UFOs also appeared as visible, physical objects, and they have been with modern man ever since. Atomic explosives and atomic power are also interwoven with the nexus of electrical events already cited. The mode of this atomic implication will be clarified when the discovery of orgone energy is elaborated in later chapters.

A comprehensive theoretical approach to UFOs must provide an acceptable explanation, preferably with experimental support, for the visible manifestations as well as for electronic sightings of invisible UFOs. Scientific honesty requires that nothing observed should be evaded. Since UFOs have been seen to appear and disappear on numerous occasions, we must be prepared to deal with transitions of substance from physical to invisible-physical. In my personal experience, I have never once seen a UFO in the normal physical state that did not vanish while I had it under observation.

Since I could not follow these objects with my sense apparatus, my adventures stem largely from following them with my thinking. External apparatus was then used to objectify and verify what my thinking commended to me as being truthful and lawful about their disappearance. By their mode of manifestation, UFOs are inviting us to follow them. That is what they are “saying” when they disappear before our eyes.

The facts as they have unfolded in the UFO field force us to go much farther than understanding even such seemingly incomprehensible happenings as materialization and dematerialization of flying discs. Ignoring the evidence of his scientific instruments has brought into question the methodological and epistemological basis of man’s modern science. We have been forced into mass-characterological considerations of a dimension and complexity almost as staggering as the UFO phenomena that have thrown these considerations into relief. Errors and inadequacies to date lie less in scientific instruments and materials than in the character structure of those using these tools of investigation. The instrument is worthless in the hands of the man who cannot tolerate biophysically and biopsychically what it records.

Railing against a dying but still powerful order in science is of no value. Mechanism is there. We are dealing with a definite psychophysical structure in Mechanism that can be understood, but not changed in the mass sense, other than prophylactically. Children raised in accord with New Knowledge principles and emerging into healthy, nonneurotic adulthood, will not easily accept the mechanico-mystical splitting of the human psyche to which prior generations have been forced to succumb. The youth revolution has its roots in the new, healthy wholeness of the coming humanity. This is another of the numerous immeasurable dimensions to the UFO problem.

The mechanistic scientific mind has been oriented for generations to denial of the invisible. This mind has accordingly been unable to approach UFO phenomena that beckon human attention to invisible strata of energy and substance, wherein lie the roots of life. That invisible UFOs suddenly appear to our gaze, and that conversely, visible UFOs suddenly disappear to our gaze, simply tells us that the invisible and the visible are functionally unified. The structural tendency of the mechanistic mind to split apart functional wholes—to shatter to fragments and then bewail the complexity of nature—is well illustrated in this aspect of ufology.

As this book proceeds, the reader will be made aware of what has already been achieved, although not officially accepted, in exploring our invisible-physical borderland and its denizens. My experience has taught me the futility of seeking formal recognition for any of these findings, because such a venture reduces itself always to a hopeless battle against character structure—against modes of reaction and behavior inculcated since infancy. One is forced to choose between continued quiet work and exhaustion in the labyrinths of scientific bureaucracy.

My choice was the former, seeking to demonstrate as conclusively as possible that the invisible is upon us, and to illustrating and illuminating the cognitional impasse in which mechanistic science has landed itself at the time of its greatest triumphs and highest influence. The immeasurable dimensions of the UFO mystery include this constant pressure for change on the old, classical scientific order. Youthful attention turns inevitably toward functionalism—the ability to follow with the mind the perpetual dynamic changes of the living. A cosmo-conception backed by nearly two centuries of continuous academic and cultural support is now under fire through UFOs. We are already a long way from mere ships-from-other-planets.

Tied in with the chronological breakthrough of UFOs came the “foo fighters” of World War II. Scientific non-results in dealing with this phenomenon demonstrate many of the inadequacies of existing cognition and method. To this day the foo fighters have not been satisfactorily explained.

These elusive, seemingly intelligent small objects played luminously around warplanes toward the end of World War II in Europe. Allied reaction was to classify them as a new German weapon under tests, since no casualties resulted from their presence. The Germans thought they were a new Allied invention. After the war, both sides found their evaluations incorrect. Foo fighters belong to no one on earth. During the Korean War, they were seen again.

Harvard University’s Dr. Donald Menzel opined that they were reflective eddies created around battle damage to Allied aircraft, but Dr. Menzel didn’t carry out his usual comprehensive research. His assertion in his book Flying Saucers, that battle damage to Allied bombers was greater in the final stages of the war is historically insupportable. In the Korean War furthermore, U.S. aircraft suffered little battle damage, due to the lack of consistent enemy air strength.

Foo fighters should be amenable to explanation by the kind of comprehensive UFO theory of which mankind stands in need. Ad hoc theories to cover specific, isolated instances can usually be formulated by specialists when the phenomena appear within the scope of their disciplines, but rarely are such theories useful beyond the specific instances. An approach is needed that can help break down the compartmentalization of knowledge—in itself a consequence of man’s propensity to split apart and artificialize phenomena that are functionally unified.

The UFO theory needed should permit an understanding not only of the determinism of foo fighters, but of the functional relationship they bear to all the other invisible objects encountered in ufology and to the more conventional flying discs. Now if we take a highly sensitive Super 8mm camera to 30,000 feet in broad daylight in an airliner, load that camera with standard Ektacolor 160 film and cover the lens with an 18A filter, we have an experimental arrangement that can record evidence. An 18A filter is scientifically designed to absorb all visible light and color. Don’t let that worry you. Shoot a few rolls of such color film, with a filter designed to block all color. You’ll find the whole gamut of UFOs are out there, and you’ll record them in color. Impossible? Don’t even discuss the matter until you have acted, until you have been there and done it.

A vista of staggering portent beckons with the use of digital camcorders, similarly fitted with an 18A filter. This equipment was not available when this book was first written over thirty years ago, but now offers those willing to use it a number of amazing possibilities. From a technological standpoint there is no better time in history, for looking straight into this invisible world, than right now.

This is cited to illustrate how, by sometimes going 180 degrees against conventional theories and ideas, objective evidence of UFOs may be acquired. The man to beware of in this field is the narrow scientific specialist. He will be the first man stretched thin by the sheer width of the ufological spectrum. Only activism—work and participation—count in this field.

Solidly verified concomitants to UFOs include interference with electrical systems. Such UFO interaction with man’s electrical works date from World War II. The late Harold T. Wilkins reported an early incident involving suspension of an aircraft’s electrical system in his Flying Saucers Uncensored, a 1955 opus from Citadel Press of New York. Writes Wilkins on page 209:
“In 1944 an American pilot, flying over the Burma Road, said his plane was held motionless and propellers stopped, while far aloft a mysterious disc appeared to be putting a sort of immobilizing ray on his plane. After this seeming ‘inspection’ his power came on again, his propellers resumed turning and the mysterious object disappeared into the far blue.”
Since that time, the world has seen numerous instances of commercial power failure, suspension of auto and aircraft ignitions, and a variety of magnetic and electrical interference indisputably connected with UFOs. Such happenings must fit into a comprehensive UFO theory, and not be split off for study as discrete phenomena.

Caution towards the narrow specialist is enjoined by the occurrence of such phenomena within the much wider body of UFO phenomena in their totality. In earth science we cannot yet duplicate this ability to paralyze electrical activity. Ford Motor Company tried it unsuccessfully on automobile engines. The theorist concerning such paralytic activity should be asked to account also for kindred and connected UFO phenomena. If we apply this principle practically, we soon learn, practically, that much of our so-called “hard” knowledge is illusion. Here again, it is the orgone energy—the ether—with its demonstrable antagonism to electromagnetic energy, that provides the technical break-in.
Every scientific specialist faces a stupefying spectrum of phenomena connected with UFOs that lies outside his discipline, in areas in which he is not qualified technically even to hold an opinion. That is why Dr. Wilhelm Reich was right to say that there are no “authorities” and no “experts” now that cosmic science—the New Knowledge—is being literally forced upon us. The rational approach is a sharpened awareness of the inadequacies of mechanistic science in dealing with Cosmic phenomena. We are all brethren in ignorance, facing immeasurable new dimensions.

Hostility on the part of certain UFOs is another factor that must find its place in a comprehensive UFO theory. Establishment ufology has a blind spot here. This aspect of the UFO problem has been steadily resisted, despite the evidence that aircraft have been destroyed in the air—and sometimes kidnapped complete with crew. In my 1958 book They Live in the Sky, the affidavit of a veteran French pilot, M. Pierre Perry, was presented. Perry recounted a shocking incident he had observed from the ground in the wilds of Arizona in 1943.
A USAF aircraft with two occupants was deliberately destroyed by balloon-shaped UFOs. The bailed-out crewmen had their parachutes set on fire by heat rays from the UFOs. The unfortunate victims of these weird entities from space were crushed to death by their fall to the ground. Few indeed are the ufologists who will look directly at such happenings and see them for what they are. So-called “objective” investigators have preferred to disappear into the mist of wishful thinking.
In the same book, I presented another sworn case from Paris, Illinois, wherein a USAF jet fighter was observed from the ground by Mr. Eugene Metcalfe to be abducted in flight by a large, bell-shaped craft of unknown origin. The jet was simply swallowed into the underside of the hostile vehicle. This was one more instance of seriously unethical acts by entities from space, but the establishment in ufology declines to see such acts in all their clean clarity.
There was also the abduction over Lake Superior on 23 November 1953 of a USAF F-89 jet fighter piloted by Lt. Felix Moncla Jr., whose aircraft was vectored to a UFO by ground control intercept at Kinross AFB, near Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan. Moncla’s fighter merged on the radar screen with the UFO, the two objects becoming one large blip 70 miles from Keweenaw Point. Moncla and his radar observer, Lt. R. R. Wilson, were never seen again, their aircraft was never found, no wreckage was recovered, and the pursued UFO also disappeared.
Major Donald Keyhoe gave a full account of this baleful incident on pages 13-23 of his Flying Saucer Conspiracy. Despite this and many other similar incidents, until the end of his tenure as Director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), Major Keyhoe believed there was no convincing evidence of UFO hostility. Lts. Moncla and Wilson had vanished from human ken, complete with plane, but even this is deemed unconvincing evidence of hostility. Again we find, in a new way and in another facet of the UFO subject, that same evasion of the essential that has kept ufology tied to the skirts of the mechanistic world conception.
There have been numerous cases involving hostility on the ground in encounters between humans and a variety of queer entities who have dismounted from spacecraft of various kinds. Humans have been attacked and clawed, their abduction attempted, and others have been knocked senseless by various ray weapons possessed by the intruders. These incidents have occurred year in and year out, in areas as widely separated as South America and Scandinavia, and have been verified by responsible investigators.
Some of these incidents will arise later in this book, in context with new findings, but the serious student of ufology desiring a steady flow of such information can do no better than subscribe to the Flying Saucer Review from England. FSR presents the stories of these vital incidents after investigation by its qualified representatives in foreign countries. The publication is produced avocationally by a group of scientists, engineers and physicians whose qualifications are beyond reproach.
Self-styled skeptics avoid looking at these unsavory, unwelcome and disturbing facts. Weak jokes about “little green men” constitute the maximum effort mounted by the media of the western world with regard to these epochal encounters. Any intelligent, alert, unblocked and discriminating individual can satisfy himself quickly concerning the validity and the increasing incidence of these landings and encounters. They are no joking matter.
The hostility of certain visitants must be woven into a comprehensive UFO theory. Since the incidents continue with the years, and apparently began with the war period, we should expect a functional connection to exist with the other complex and seemingly impenetrable aspects of UFOs. Once more we may note that the narrow scientific specialist in a technical discipline can bring little to bear on this serious and far-reaching problem of ethics and behavior. Conventional psychiatrists and psychologists who might assist here cannot deal with radar or electromagnetic interference. The discovery of the orgone energy—alone among all events of the past several centuries—gives functional access to all these riddles. A new epoch has opened.
The obverse aspect of hostility is the reluctance of most UFOs to make contact with humans. Most UFOs are elusive. In most cases, the objects make off at high speed from the vicinity of human observers, from aircraft or from happenstance encounters with humans. This instant readiness to conceal themselves from human beings is well established, and must take its place in any comprehensive UFO theory. There must be a reasonable basis for saying why these things happen so frequently as to be among the basic characteristics of most UFOs.

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Excerpt from Freedom From Religion

Jack Barranger


What Is the Slave Chip? The slave chip is not anything new. It has been with us for thousands of years. It is a programming deep within all of us that moves us in directions that are not in our best interests. The slave chip is the result of ancient conditioning. Thousands of years ago controlling forces did not have our best interests in mind. Instead, these forces needed humans who would bend to their will with as little resistance as possible.

However, the ancient humans did not bend to the will of these “gods” quickly enough. Many rebelled and refused to do the will of the ancient gods. Therefore, a drastic move was needed to insure that humans would do what they were told without questioning authority or wanting to know why such slavery was being inflicted upon them.

In my book Past Shock, I do a synthesis of many writers who wrote about the ancient past. This is my third book in what I term a “freedom from religion” series. These books tell you (1) how religion was formed, (2) how it is impacting us today, and finally (3) how we can get free of religion. The ancient past was not a pretty time. It was a series of shocks from which we have not yet recovered. These gods, referred to as “pretender gods” in Past Shock, desperately needed a worker race to prevent a mutiny among their own race. After much deliberation, they decided to create one. Thus began the human race as we know it today.

However, the ancient humans did not bend to the will of these “gods” quickly enough. Many rebelled and refused to do the will of the ancient gods. Therefore, a drastic move was needed to insure that humans would do what they were told without questioning authority or wanting to know why such slavery was being inflicted upon them.

In my book Past Shock, I do a synthesis of many writers who wrote about the ancient past. This is my third book in what I term a “freedom from religion” series. These books tell you (1) how religion was formed, (2) how it is impacting us today, and finally (3) how we can get free of religion. The ancient past was not a pretty time. It was a series of shocks from which we have not yet recovered. These gods, referred to as “pretender gods” in Past Shock, desperately needed a worker race to prevent a mutiny among their own race. After much deliberation, they decided to create one. Thus began the human race as we know it today.

No doubt our souls were created by the true God to be free and full of joy. Unfortunately, the pretender gods did not have freedom and abundance on their agenda for their newly created humans. Their agenda included obedient slaves who would work hard without complaint or resistance.

However, it didn’t happen that way. The newly created humans were very bright and didn’t take well to the menial work expected of them by these pretender gods. Thus, they kept experimenting until they found a way to have humans work hard without complaining. This meant dumbing humans down to the point where they accepted their highly limited lot without complaining. Evidently, they found a way to program humans in such a manner that we would not only accept our highly limiting lives, but also that we would inflict this limiting lifestyle on others.

This is the slave chip – like a chip inside a computer. After all, our brain is a computer, and, unfortunetely, it is easily programmed. It was more easily programmed when technologically advanced “gods” programmed us.

The slave chip is a very intricate web of programming that keeps people locked into being far less than they are capable of being. It kicks in when people want to break free. It causes doubt when the human soul sends visions of what life can be like. It provides mental barriers to people who want to move to higher levels of life expression.

The slave chip is both individual and collective.

Individually, each person has his or her unique programming from life experience. Some believe that this unique programming might even extend back into previous lives. This may or may not be true. However, it makes a mighty devastating impact whether coming just from this life or from many alleged lives that we may have experienced before.

However, it is the collective slave chip that impacts the individual slave chip. This collective slave chip results from social and cultural conditioning. This less obvious conditioning sets up the expectations that cultures and societies have for people living within their structures. Different cultures have different expectations of their citizens.

However, all of these expectations from different cultures have one thing in common: they want to limit the manner in which you choose to live your life. Put another way, they want you to live in more of a slavery mode than a freedom mode. One of the most ironic parts of this slave chip is that it will look with disdain upon other cultural programming. People in the United States will see Islamic women as oppressed and fail to see the oppression of women in this country. People in other countries will see America as the Great Satan, and fail to see to see any “Satanic mores” in their own eyes that need to be cast out. The slave chip is so effective in its programming that it can convince people that they are becoming more free while they are actually inflicting themselves with a greater slavery. Many people experience a sense of liberation with a religious conversion experience. Yet lying in the wings of various religions are billions of people with very strong slave chips. They see the projection of their own slavery onto others as something that will liberate people.

The slave chip’s programming is so effective that it will see a limiting life as noble, and a freer life as irresponsible. These modes of conditioning are powerful. They are never the result of original thought. Instead, they are fragments passed down from the collective slave chip and embraced as truth. Working hard rather than working smart is seen as the way to go. That is the dictum of the slave chip. Giving up something in order to get something is seen as noble, despite the fact that ways exist that do not require anyone to lose anything. Feeling the need to delay fulfillment until it is earned is one of the greatest victories of the slave chip. It does its job very well.

I am a retired college teacher. If it were not for millions of people programmed to go to college, I would not have had a job. The collective slave chip kept me employed. It insures that few people will question whether any real value comes from a college education. Following the dictates of the slave chip’s programming, people will simply enroll in colleges all over the United States. That is what their programming, their parents’ programming, and society’s programming urge young people to do. What is so amazing is that this slave chip programming is very powerful. Many college-age people don’t even question whether this is their best move. Many think of it as their only move.

Those who genuinely do question the value of a college education are seen as being “out of the swim.” This is where the slave chip does its job so well. It causes people to doubt whether their own doubts are legitimate. Doubt that a certain religion is not the true religion, and guilt will ensue. It doesn’t matter what the religion is. The slave chip works effectively for all religions and much of life.

Question the values you were programmed to have, and your slave chip will help you feel bad. With its powerful conditioning, it will help stop your process of original thinking. It will then drive you back to values that keep you enslaved within a highly limited paradigm. It will also cause you to work even harder to retain your conditioning. You may move into some original thinking that will help you break free of your slave chip conditioning. Then you will experience doubt, frustration, and guilt. Your slave chip is not creative. However, it will kick in when you dare to get creative with your life.

Your slave chip is like a well-programmed computer chip. It is very intricate and very sophisticated. Like the computer chip, it is programmed to keep you a slave. Just as one cannot run a new program on a old embedded computer chip, it is very difficult to run a freedom program on a slave chip. This is especially true when the slave chip has its own limited ideas about what freedom is.

We were close to experiencing a Y2K disaster. Some claimed that it would be a complete catastrophe. Others claimed that it was going to be very troublesome. Others thought it would not be the disaster that some claimed it would be. The problem was solved because millions of lines of programming were rewritten to replace 00 with 2000. (With the simple two digit 00, computers would have read the year as 1900, and this could have caused all sorts of problems.)

The bottom line, from nearly everyone’s viewpoint, was that some serious reprogramming was essential.

The same is true if we begin living lives based on freedom programming rather than slavery programming. That will happen when people begin deprogramming their slave chips. They will begin experiencing more freedom and less or no slavery. This takes work, but the payoff far exceeds the effort.

The slave chip is not physical. It cannot be rooted out as the result of a surgical operation. Nor can it be overcome by writing positive-thinking affirmations alone. The act of writing dozens of affirmations a day is more an act of slavery than an act of freedom. Yet mainly, in new thought and new age circles, the act of writing and speaking affirmations is considered to be a fruitful act. Sadly, it rarely is. It does not address the unconscious issues generated by the slave chip. Instead, it keeps on sending out its own messages of limitation:

You’re not good enough to do that.

You’re going to have to work hard to get that.

You’re not mature enough to do that.

You want to do what?

Just accept your lot in life.

That’s what good people do.

That’s a real immature thought.

The slave chip keeps people looking outside of themselves for the joys they experience. It keeps people locked into getting their main joy from watching things like Barry Bonds becoming the all-time home run leader. Nothing is wrong with this. However, for many, this passive act replaces people hitting “home runs” in their own lives. Instead of being in a career that is so fulfilling that they virtually touch all of the bases, people are “inspired” to get their main satisfaction from vicarious experiences.

What does this have to do with the slave chip?

Too many people passively watch a great sports event that provides them with more pleasure than anything they themselves did that week. (There is nothing wrong with this; I am a great sports fan myself, but when this becomes your main source of pleasure, you might be more addicted to the slave chip than you realize.) People locked up in the programming of the slave chip get more joy from seeing others do things. This can prevent them from doing mighty things in their own lives. This is one of the greatest victories of the slave chip. It “inspires” us to look outside of ourselves for the things that are really meaningful and fulfilling in life.

A person might feel guilty or in danger when she stands up to the programming of the slave chip. However, the slave chip is so effective that it will generate a “feel-bad” program when you dare to stand up to its devastating programming. No one other than your own soul cheers when you begin standing up to your slave chip programming. However, the collective slave chip is so powerful that most people will not cheer when you start deprogramming it. You may even feel threatened when you start breaking for freedom.

The collective slave chip is very powerful. You will not be able to change it. It is firmly entrenched within all societies and cultures. It dominates so effectively that people collectively are not even going to confront it. Your way to freedom and a more fulfilling and successful life is to deprogram your own slave chip.

Only when increasing numbers of people begin deprogramming their own slave chips will people begin experiencing freedom on a more collective level. I doubt very much if this is going to happen anytime soon. Instead, we appear to be going in the opposite direction. Collectively, people are limiting their own freedoms. In a 1997 poll, 70% of Americans surveyed claimed that they would be willing to give up a majority of the freedoms stated in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights to be more secure. (The Patriot Act, which came a few years later, is an excellent example of that.) Some cracks in the wall of slavery are noticed by a few who then realize that the walls should crumble. However, the majority of people rush in with sealant to prevent any further cracking. These people are not mean or evil. They are just very well-programmed.

So are all of us. However, we don’t have to let that continue. Once we become aware of the slave chip and its programming, we can rush toward our goals with minimal programmed resistance. You can reduce the slave chip’s power and eventually shut it off. When this happens, life achieves a greater flow and joy. Impossible goals now seem possible with far less struggle. The willingness to experience joy instead of struggle begins to dominate. The success that you achieve is done with much less effort and more meaningful results. Your life becomes richer and more meaningful. You move more deeply into the natural condition of your own soul’s leading. This is the way life is meant to be lived. This is our natural condition. Standing in the way of this is your individual slave chip, which is the result of thousands of years of ancient conditioning. Deprogramming that slave chip is just about the sanest thing you could do in this lifetime.

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Lessons From The Overseer

This book is meant to be a course in awakening. It can be done alone, with a friend or with a group in a class setting. It will be powerful for individuals on a personal level when done alone. Or it can impact things on a social scale in direct proportion to the size of the group, if a class in involved.  You, as mankind, have achieved many wondrous things with the powers of your mind. You have accomplished things that few could have ever imagined. At the same time, much of it has led to a deterioration of the planet, its resources, nature, quality of life, and your overall ability to control this destruction.

At the same time, much of it has led to a deterioration of the planet, its resources, nature, quality of life, and your overall ability to control this destruction. As amazing and awe-inspiring as it is, the evolution of your intellect has out-paced the natural cycles of your priceless home, the Earth. You are highly intelligent, but that is not enough to recover. You lack the level of spiritual awareness that can, in turn, produce the moral character that will save you. That is the purpose of this course – to awaken you spiritually and help you build and express the moral attributes that will result from it.

Before determining your involvement in this course, however, the first thing any intelligent reader should ask is, “Who is the Overseer?” It is important to know the source of any information before deciding whether it is credible or not. Allow me, therefore, to introduce myself. I am the Overseer and am very real. I have done my job for many centuries and am not a figment of someone’s imagination.

Nor am I your God – although some have mistaken me as such. I am not your creator, nor do I claim to function in any of the standard religious ways that you recognize in your views of God. I am below God, and act as an Overseer of His creation. I am a mere messenger to and from the highest God, and hold a more lucid view of the divine than your human family possesses. My purpose is to share with you insights into who you are, what you are doing on your earth, God Himself, the physical world and the truth behind reality as you know it.

God, in the entire scheme of things, is your Father. The best analogy to use in describing my relationship to you is that of a big brother. Humanity is much like a rebellious teenager. They think they know everything, but continue to get into trouble. For example, teenage males sometimes have trouble with the law and display too many violent tendencies, while the females sometimes make mistakes they must deal with for the rest of their lives, like running away, shoplifting or becoming expectant mothers before they are ready. Teenagers are often in trouble because they have not matured enough to make informed, intelligent decisions yet suddenly find themselves in the position to do so.As a big brother, I have a larger perspective and have matured beyond your limited scope. However, I cannot make your decisions for you. You must learn and grow for yourselves. As a species you have finally begun to see what direction you need to go. Therefore, I can shine a beacon of light toward you so that you might follow it out of the darkness, reach a better path to travel, and learn your lessons more easily.

The most difficult part in explaining myself is that I am not a normal human being. Therefore, you may be reluctant to give me credibility. My words may strike you as New Age nonsense, or they may ring true. You will be unable to form a good opinion, however, until you read a bit further. That is all I ask. I do not ask for acceptance; that is not important to me. The overall response you give to this course will let me know if you are ready. If humanity is not ready to listen to the lessons, then it is simply not time yet and you are not ready. An individual like yourself, however, may be ready. If so, you may reap enough wisdom to contribute things to your world that may make a positive difference toward the collective good. You will be capable of making positive changes in the world by acting on the lessons in this work, if you should find it valuable. Regardless of what you may think at the moment, I do have access to information that may prove valuable to members of your struggling race, and I am willing to share it here, within these pages.I have been here for centuries, watching and guiding you, but never doing things for you. You must do those things for yourselves. I have not appeared in the physical for many of these centuries. I do not normally show up and talk to people. My guidance manifests as important ideas through various people, with some of those insights – but not all of them – appearing in your reality after hard work, tenacity and creative ingenuity by those who receive the information. With some of you, the inspiration comes through in a flash and appears in the mind instantaneously. I choose who is best to receive the inspiration rather than appear myself to share it, and calculate through means unknown to you how best to achieve the goals that serve humanity as a whole. You have never been exceedingly receptive, but I continue to try.

The time has come to present ideas to more people through a book of teachings, instead of targeting receptive individuals. The need for bigger changes, stemming from a crisis in humanity, requires it. It is time to present ideas to everyone, through written form rather than thought forms. That is the purpose of this book. It is meant to combat a crisis that is upon you. There is an urgency that is much larger today than in the past, with more action required by more people to overcome your problems. A physical book is more easily shared and can be a true catalyst for what you need.If you do not believe in guidance or inspiration from outside sources, it would be best for you to put this book down and walk away now. Do not waste your precious time any further by challenging your rational thought patterns; it won’t work. If, however, you are open to the appearance of sudden inspiration by reading a book, and if you are open to making a positive difference in the world as a result of that, then this book may be of value to you. What may result with individuals will be a gradual transformation. Some of you will get further along than others, but that should not be a concern. By going through this course, you will end up being exactly where you need to be, so comparing yourself to others will not be necessary. Everything will be in sync when you reach the end, whether you have a complete “transformation” or not. You will, among other things, experience a powerful humility. This may sound like a contradiction in terms, but once you experience it, you will understand. Humility is one of the more valuable human attributes that is sorely lacking in your world. This is just one area of many that this course shall address.

This course is a guidebook for the human group that inhabits what they call the Earth. Some of them may be ready to listen to these words, which is good. This course is for them. They will become inspired and begin to make positive change. In a collective sense, their media authorities are not willing to present this course in any direct way to the masses, and promoters of this course would be ridiculed by the so-called “rational” masses. But the masses still operate from a level of “teenage maturity.” The masses do not have the means to hear or act from this book to any effective degree, due to the level of ignorance and disorganization that surrounds them. This course is being given so that the few who benefit from it will pass these lessons on, so that at some time in the future it will have an effective impact. Awareness can be created out of the inspiration of those who understand this book. The Internet can be a helpful alternative to the closed-off, mainstream avenues as it provides a voice to those who will act and a means of contact for those willing to listen. Mankind must act soon. I have patience with the human race, but it runs short in the present climate – one that is beginning to teeter on the brink of destruction for mankind and its supporting environment.Some might ask, if things are that bad and mankind could benefit from outside help, why should I not appear and just give it to them? Providing you with such help is the point of this book, which can be done from afar. Physically coming down and solving humanity’s problems would cause worldwide fear, distrust and even panic, due to your primitive superstitions and divisive religious mindsets. If these barriers were somehow circumvented, it would still not result in a lasting solution. Humanity must solve their problems for themselves and by themselves. That is their purpose, their mission, and I cannot interfere directly in that process. Doing it for you will not transform you. I can only offer indirect guidance, which can be used by inspired teachers or leaders with wisdom when humanity decides it is time to put such leaders in place or, more importantly, when teachers step forward and take matters of spreading such wisdom into their own hands. Becoming receptive to more holistic and compassionate ideas are of no use unless actions, rather than words, are used globally. These actions must take shape with the personal initiative of humankind in order for them to be effective.

We – meaning those who are like me – had our attention drawn to the Earth due to the immense level of noise that it emits throughout the universe. Even without your technology some noise was always there, due to the life your planet harbors. However, the noise has increased greatly with mankind, especially in recent years. The Earth is immensely polluted with noise-making apparatus, which now draws the attention of all advanced civilizations. In almost every case, they look sadly upon your world and will not make open contact with such a backward race. We cannot help you; you must help yourselves, despite the fact that you are failing as stewards of your planet. Approaching your planet is a sight to behold. It is a stunning, blue jewel shining in the sky, replete with life-giving moisture and unique with its beauty, tectonics, and myriads of life forms. But as one draws closer we behold the orbiting space junk, damaged ozone layer, impure atmosphere and, upon closer examination, your polluted waters on a planetary scale. The Earth itself is a living being, but has been taken over by an insane species that is literally choking the life out of her. The Earth has certain wisdom and associated power through the movement of nature, however, and will not, under any circumstances, allow herself to die. Mankind will be the ones to die, if it should ever come to that. And such a death has been the case with many other dominating Earth-bound species in the past, some known and others not known, by current Earth inhabitants. A time is drawing near whereby the Earth in her wisdom may be forced to move once again in an act of self-preservation. Worldwide cataclysmic events are immensely terrifying and messy, but not uncommon. They serve a purpose. When the Earth slowly cleans herself in the aftermath of such an event, it is the ultimate act of cleansing and purification. It takes many centuries, but the Earth knows exactly how to repair itself with new life and, if necessary, with an entirely new atmosphere. To avoid such a scenario, Earth’s inhabitants now have a choice, and a chance, to provide that cleansing beforehand. Otherwise, humanity may be effectively removed. You can continue to be the source of the world’s problems, for both yourselves and for the Earth and all of its inhabitants on land and sea, or you can begin to make important strides in reversing negative trends and providing a solution.

In ancient times the gods knew that a great flood was coming. Most of them were willing to let humanity be wiped out, but one god decided to warn humankind and, in effect, save them by sparing a few. Those few were then able to repopulate. The story was preserved in a series of ancient Sumerian tablets now known as The Epic of Gilgamesh. The hero’s name in this tale was Utnapishtim, who became known, centuries later, as Noah when the story was passed down.

A similar situation has almost been reached today. I have chosen again, as the Overseer, to extend this information to mankind – this time leaving it up to you, rather than the gods, as to what will happen next regarding your potential survival. Mankind has matured to a point where it can make its own decisions rather than having them made by gods who happen to like your planet and may not have your better interests in mind. Such decisions made by mankind may not be good ones, but at least you have the right to make them for yourselves and, for now, that right is being respected. This book is to assist you in making those decisions in hopes that your time and safety on your world may be extended – and that serious dangers may be averted.

If you are taking these lessons as part of a class, it is suggested that you read one chapter each time, do the exercise associated with it consistently before your next meeting, report on your perceptions, ideas and results in a discussion, assess what it means and where you see things going, and continue doing so each time.

This course contains only fourteen lessons, as listed on page eight, so you can go to them whenever you need to. It is better to master a small number of powerful lessons and do them consistently, over and over again, than to experience a long, continuous list of lessons, just to keep trying something new. This book is not meant to be a novelty. It is a serious and powerful course that can completely transform your life and potentially, the planet.

Some of these lessons are deceptively simple and when you encounter them, especially near the beginning, you may wonder what good they really are. The early lessons, however, set the stage for those that come later – and are therefore equally important. This is a process, which must be carried out sequentially in order to provide you with the results that you seek. So embrace and honor each lesson; do not skip them, but experience them fully.

 This course can make a great impact, depending on how you use it. To get the most from it, it is advised that you use a calendar to “map out” your activities in relation to it. When an exercise advises you to perform it at certain intervals, mark them on the calendar so you do not forget. Stay with the program, and you will experience the greatest results. Once you have completed this program, a certain “cycle” of the exercises will be there on your calendar. This will allow you to go back and repeat this cycle once or twice a year, or continuously, if desired, using page eight to find each exercise when needed. You will also end up refining, changing and improving your work as you go. Without the recommended repetitions, or without doing the exercises regularly from a comfortable schedule that you create, this will become just another self-help book that you had fun reading and experienced a moderate impact with. Most of your self-help books and courses do this, and you almost always revert back to your normal, ingrained habits soon after you finish the program. Deeper changes must be achieved before you can simply pick up a book or go through a course that will completely alter your personal development or social structure.

 This book can move you toward those deeper changes. It does not claim to contain magical answers. Only you contain those answers. This book will open you up so you can reach deep inside and bring out the answers that you need. These lessons are merely a catalyst and, unlike your countless courses and other books that claim to be “the answer,” this book claims nothing. You must dig deep, find out what changes are best made for you, personally, socially, economically, and make them based on what you read. Your actions will follow an inner “trigger,” which I can provide, but you must pull that trigger. Your actions are separate from this book and come from you alone. So read the book. Take its lessons to heart. And act. Any and all credit for the amazing things you accomplish from reading it is yours and yours alone. This book is nothing but stagnant words on a clump of inert paper or a computerized screen. It has no power. Only you do.

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Shadow of Darkness, Dawning of Light

Excerpt from Shadow of Darkness, Dawning of Light: The Awakening of Human Consciousness in the 21st Century and Beyond, by Paul Tice.

Chapter Ten

Spiritual struggle seems likely to be the most crucial episode in the next chapter of the history of mankind.  —Arnold Toynbee. The time for an unavoidable change may, in fact, be coming. If we know where to look, there are signs; so let us look at an even bigger and more interesting picture. When we examine the historical pattern of astrological ages, we see that changes are now on the horizon and that something larger than what we normally can conceive of is unfolding. Although what I present is not scientifically solid, the correlations and coincidences are so intriguing that they must be brought out.

The development of astrology predates the Bible, dating to Babylonia and the Chaldeans at least as far back as 1600 BCE, but probably earlier. It is an offshoot of astronomy, which predates all written history and shows evidence of being practiced as early as 15,000 BCE. Instead of clocks or calendars, we used the sky to tell time, predict the seasons, determine when to plant and harvest, and could even foretell eclipses. Entire mythologies sprang up with each great culture, based on the constellations, and were used to teach lessons of wisdom to the people.

When people ask us today what sign we are, it corresponds to twelve separate astrological parts of the year in which we were born, each similar to months in length—for example, Pisces, Gemini, Taurus, or Capricorn. A professional astrologer who does charts will show you a circle with the entire canopy of stars in the sky, broken up into the twelve separate “houses” in a 360 degree astrological map. Your horoscope is cast based on a personal reading from this chart, determined largely in part from your time and place of birth in conjunction with the location of the planets and their expected influence at the time.

From a cosmic level, rather than a personal one, our sun moves through the entire galaxy, through twelve different areas of the sky, astrologically speaking, and it takes about 2160 years for us to move through each of these twelve cycles, separately. It is called the precession of the equinoxes. Western minds credit this discovery to the Greek philosopher Hipparchus in 128 BCE, but most ancient cultures preceding this date still knew about it. They just lacked the ability to accurately measure it, which is what Hipparchus did. The idea originated in ancient Chaldea, and then spread in ancient times to Egypt, where it was clearly understood, and into the holy land. Some scholars present convincing evidence that the precession was accurately known and measured in Egypt long before Hipparchus. These scholars include Sir Norman Lockyer, Maspero, Schwaller de Lubicz, Carl Jung, Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, and Giorgio de Santinilla, former professor of the history and philosophy of science at MIT and author of Hamlet’s Mill, among others. The main point, however, is that these ages do occur and this fact alone cannot be disputed. The lengthy astrological ages that we pass through on earth take the same names as the twelve astrological signs and houses that we acknowledge within a yearly basis. The completion of all twelve cycles composes a “great year” of 25,920 years. Please note that each 2160 year age is a rough estimate. Astrology is not an exact science, as each constellation we pass through varies in size, and God did not draw distinct borders around each one. Different astrologers have differing dates for past ages, sometimes varying within two to three hundred years of each other. They are still fairly close to each other and it must be remembered that we enter into these new ages gradually.

After we finish one age, we move into a new sign. And right now, at the time of this writing, the sign that we are in is Pisces. It is the sign of the fish and, of course, the fish is the universal symbol for Christianity, which has been the dominating religion of this age. Upon looking back in my extensive research and examining each major religion or philosophy that existed in the world at the time of each corresponding astrological sign that we were in, I found a match. After coming to what I thought was a new and exciting conclusion in this respect, I found a section in the great Manly P. Hall’s work The Secret Teachings of All Ages, where he said, “During these periods or ages, religious worship takes the form of the appropriate celestial sign—that which the sun is said to assume as a personality in the same manner that a spirit assumes a body. These twelve signs are the jewel of his breastplate and his light shines forth from them, one after the other…. Thus the sun in its path controls whatever form of worship man offers to the Supreme Deity.”
For example, the age of Taurus, the bull, was from about 4220 BCE to about 2160 BCE. Virtually every ancient religion during this time was affiliated with the bull, either as a sacrificial offering to the gods or by being the main object of worship. In Crete, there were sacred bull dances and the legend of the minotaur was born. In India, Parjanya was the bull god of the Vedas but when things transitioned into the age of Aries, a ram figure began to displace him and the populace became divided. Civil war was the result. In fact, the sun gods of most religions were depicted with the head or horns of a bull, but after passing into Aries they were all replaced with ram-headed ones. In Egypt the main solar deity during this time was considered to assume the body of a bull, known as Apis. In Egypt, as in Assyria and elsewhere, the cult of the bull was followed by the cult of the ram and both usage of symbols corresponded with the ages of Taurus and Aries, respectively.

The age of Aries was from about 2160 BCE to about 1 BCE, which was represented astrologically by the ram. In Egypt, we find the priest-kings of the Middle Kingdom to be followers of Amon, the ram-headed god. This was also the age of the Hebrew religion. During the early transitional phase from Taurus, however, the bull was still worshipped by the Hebrews. Before being phased out and replaced by the ram for the remainder of the age, bull shrines existed in Bethel, Gilgal, Schechem and Shiloh. The well-known Old Testament event involving the worship of the golden calf was a reversion back into the old ways of Taurus that was not tolerated, and brought great wrath down upon the people. Abraham was a key Hebrew figure in this age and his original name was Abram—coincidentally containing the English word “ram” within it. It is believed that he lived sometime around 2000 BCE, when Aries was dawning. In a key Biblical moment, Abraham sacrificed a ram instead of his son, Isaac (see Genesis 22:13). A young ram is of course a lamb and lambs were held sacred during this time, often sacrificed, along with sheep and goats, on the altars. The observance of Passover was instituted during this time, when lamb’s blood was painted on the doors of Israelites to protect them from a plague. Judaism itself is symbolized by the ram’s horn and its’ priests were referred to as shepherds, whose job it was to tend their “sheep.”

The age of Pisces came next and began at about the time of Jesus. In Luke 2:8-17 we find the shepherds abandoning their “sheep” in favor of their new savior. We were crossing over from the age of Aries—being partially still in it, but coming into Pisces—so Jesus held aspects of both ages. In his early life, at the end of the age of Aries, he was called “the lamb of God.” After he was baptised, he was always associated with fish. Today we are nearing the end of the age of Pisces, represented throughout by the fish, astrologically, which remains the symbol or sign for Christianity. This symbol is seen everywhere in this respect—for example, Christians commonly put a small metal version on the backs of their cars. The pope is supposed to be the Earth’s representative for Jesus until his return. When worn, the pope’s headdress or mitre looks exactly like the head of a fish when viewed sideways instead of at the normal perpendicular angle. In Luke 2:12, an angel tells the shepherds that their sign for the new Messiah would be a baby lying wrapped in a manger, and soon after, in Luke 2:35, Simeon tells mother Mary that, “This child is destined to be a sign which men reject.” (italics mine) That sign, astrologically, was of course Pisces, the fish. With Jesus representing it at a time of transitioning ages he was, in fact, rejected by the authorities to the point of crucifixion.

In the Jewish Talmud, the coming Messiah is called Dag, meaning “the fish.” It was, and is, the sign for divinity. Jesus was referred to as “the fisher of men,” and the symbolic Greek name for Christ was Ichthus, meaning “the fish.” He fed the multitudes with two fish, and many Christians to this day eat fish on Friday. In the Second Century, Clement urged fish to be engraved upon the seals of Christians so they would not be mistaken for pagans, and during the first four centuries of Christianity Jesus was referred to as “the big fish,” while Christians were called Pisiculi, or “the little fishes.” Symbols of Jesus as a fish rather than a man were common—both in household objects and in artistic depictions found on the walls of the Roman catacombs. When it was dangerous to be a Christian and two people met, one would draw a curved line in the sand and the other, if a Christian, would draw the other, forming a fish, letting them know they could trust each other.

Lastly, Jesus himself said he would always be with us, but only until the end of the age.
…teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age.” (Matt. 28:20, Revised Standard Version)

This has been translated in various ways, including “to the end of the world” and “until the end of time,” but it has been shown that “the close of the age” is the most accurate rendering of the original wording. The main word in question comes from the original Greek word, “Aeon,” which is most accurately translated as “age” in Strong’s Bible Concordance or in any good dictionary. The Revised Standard Version of the Bible had, as its mission, to start again with new knowledge and translate everything from scratch as accurately as possible. In its Preface it states, “The King James Version of the New Testament was based upon a Greek text that was marred by mistakes, continuing the accumulated errors of fourteen centuries of manuscript copying…. We now possess many more ancient manuscripts of the New Testament, and are far better equipped to seek to recover the original wording of the Greek text.” Which they did. The implications of an accurately translated Matthew 28:20 (above) along with the intentional expunging of other clear astrological references in the Bible, make it no surprise that its original wording had been changed.

Today, the religion of Christianity seems to have weakened and continues to do so as we move closer to the end of this age. All dominant religions have experienced the same fate in relation to the length of a normal age, giving them an expected lifespan of about 2160 years.  The point is that we are at this time beginning to move into something new. That is where we get the term the New Age Movement. To those who remain steadfast in their religious beliefs, this term is used in a derogatory sense, due to the threat of extinction that it brings. Many who place their entire identities with their faith find the idea of a New Age intolerable. Yet, as shown, this is part of a pattern, and this New Age is becoming stronger and more evident as we move closer to the year 2160. Some respected astrologers or researchers expect the arrival of the new Aquarian Age to occur sooner. For example, 2060 is considered the more accurate date by noted astrologers Dane Rudyhar and Robert Hand, separately, as well as by Sir Isaac Newton. Carl Gustov Jung placed its official arrival from between 1997 and 2000.

The appearance of each new age is a gradual event, however. We will not wake up one day and suddenly find the New Age of Aquarius to be here. Its arrival, as with any such age, is moved into gradually. For example, back in the 1960’s there was the popular song, “This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.” This may well have been the case, representing an initial dawning or glimmer, as opposed to a more obvious presence that will be more evident later.

Today, the entire New Age Movement has grown and is made up, in general, of very perceptive and spiritual people. Many hold opposing viewpoints to standard Christian religion and many other contemporary, modern faiths. They pose a threat to the fundamentalist Christian structure. Christianity feels a clear threat from the possibility of being replaced by something different. Many search the Bible for evidence or clues that could support their continued existence. One event that would clearly insure Christianity’s survival would be the return of Jesus Christ; but after more than two thousand years of waiting it seems he is rather late. Despite these larger astrological patterns or ages, numerous places in the Bible warn against astrology and astrologers because it is supposedly evil.

Church fathers and leaders have consistently blamed astrology on “demons” over the years, and modern Christians have been trumpeting their warnings more often because time is growing short. A new age will be upon us soon. Every single time these astrological ages have ended, a new form of religion has stepped in. A number of reputable scholars have pointed out the fact that all of the prophecies that were made regarding the return of Jesus actually happened within the first hundred years after his death. Yet we have continued, for approximately 2000 years, to wait for his return. When will we fully get it? When does it finally sink in that he’s not coming back, at least not in the physical form that everyone is expecting? This is like waiting for a bus. You go to the bus station, sit down and wait for the bus. How long do you wait before it finally dawns on you that it’s not coming? Are you going to sit there in the terminal and wait for six years for a bus and not find a way to still go about your business and continue your life? In this case we are talking about your spiritual life, which grows stagnant when nothing happens.

He who waits for God fails to understand that he possesses Him.  —Andre Gide
Jesus remains a symbolic figure and the fact is not disputed that he has shown great value to many people on a spiritual level. I would never say that Christianity has had no value, but its time is running out. It has been part of a natural cycle that is ending. It is time that new symbols come in and refresh the world in a New Age. It’s always happened in the past, and it’s going to continue to happen in the future. We may not know the reason for it, but our religious and cultural patterns have continued to coincide, at least in a general way, with the successive signs in the precession of the equinoxes. There’s a far bigger picture at work here that goes beyond our limited view. We need to step aside from our jingoistic, dogmatic, egotistical, pea-brained point-of-view and look at the bigger picture.

The New Age that’s coming is the age of Aquarius and its symbol is the man with the water pitcher. Its main element or focus of symbolic power is referred to as “the waters of eternal life,” coming from the water pitcher that is poured. Well-known researcher Jordan Maxwell points out an interesting astrological passage which comes from the Bible. (Despite the Bible’s warnings against astrology, there are a great number of Biblical passages that use it.) In Luke 22:7 through 22:10, the disciples asked Jesus where they should go to prepare a meal for Passover so that they may eat. And Jesus said to them, “Behold, when you have entered the city, a man will meet you carrying a pitcher of water. Follow him into the house which he enters.”
This is definitely symbolic. They are preparing for a “Passover” (from one age to the next) and the man with the water pitcher is the symbol for the next age—of Aquarius. It is absolutely not a literal statement because at the time of Jesus, men did not carry water. It was strictly women’s work. About this man, Jesus says, “Follow him into the house which he enters.” And that is of course the next astrological house, Aquarius, where they will be nourished. This same story can also be found in Mark 14:13. In both cases Jesus tells them that once they pass into that house, they will be shown a large upper room, furnished and prepared, there made ready for us. Notice it says that it is an upper room, meaning it is the next one above us as we continue on through this astrological sequence.

This passage points to the future, where we may find nourishment following an age that does not claim to offer an ultimate answer, but serves more as a stepping stone. Jesus was not saying “follow me.” He said to follow the man with the water pitcher. For those who insist on clinging to a fading age and its religion, it might be a good idea to heed these words of Jesus, as far as spiritual growth goes, and to follow the man with the water pitcher so that we do not miss the bus completely.

What can we expect in this New Age based on the Aquarian symbolism? When Jesus was baptised and became “awakened,” he was baptised in water. The water is considered by some to be symbolic for eternal life or of mortality. I, however, consider the waters to represent a powerful spiritual rebirth. It represents an awakening for humanity.

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Legacy of Zecharia Sitchin

The provocative nature of Zecharia Sitchin’swork enlarges the scope of our understandings of ancient civilization by addressing the when, how, why and from where it originated.  Once exposed to Sitchin’s explanations, our way of understanding ancient history changes significantly.   Most importantly, the Sitchin material leaves us with a wide array of implications for the future.

The Sitchin information shakes up what we previously learned about the origins of religion, re-defines our understanding of the origins of the human species, and explains how early Earth inhabitants were guided to develop and implement the elements of civilization on this planet.  In other words, Sitchin’s work sets out a new explanatory framework that shapes our perceptions and gives us a much broader way of making meaning.  This is what we here identify as the Sitchin paradigm. The Sitchin paradigm clearly indicates that Earth was a “visited” planet that was “seeded” and culturally cultivated by other terrestrial (OT) expertise. 61  In other words, the elements of civilization were inserted.

The provocative nature of Zecharia Sitchin’s work enlarges the scope of our understandings of ancient civilization by addressing the when, how, why and from where it originated. Once exposed to Sitchin’s explanations, our way of understanding ancient history changes significantly. Most importantly, the Sitchin material leaves us with a wide array of implications for the future. The Sitchin information shakes up what we previously learned about the origins of religion, re-defines our understanding of the origins of the human species, and explains how early Earth inhabitants were guided to develop and implement the elements of civilization on this planet. In other words, Sitchin’s work sets out a new explanatory framework that shapes our perceptions and gives us a much broader way of making meaning. This is what we here identify as the Sitchin paradigm. The Sitchin paradigm clearly indicates that Earth was a “visited” planet that was “seeded” and culturally cultivated by other terrestrial (OT) expertise. In other words, the elements of civilization were inserted.

The explanatory information in place before Sitchin’s work was published, implies that the components of early civilization came about through the inventiveness of the first humans who came to live in Mesopotamia. According to anthropologists, early man roamed the Earth, and engaged in hunting and gathering activities. Most early scientific explanations imply that early peoples learned several important complicated civilizing constructs by such processes as “independent invention” and “trial and error.” According to Sitchin‘s work, these explanations cannot be the explanations that apply to Sumer. Learning of complex structures needs either models (to promote learning by imitation), or direct instruction.

Under the Sitchin paradigm, not only did the OTs give the constructs of civilization to the Sumerians, they taught those people skills and knowledge that emerged as fields of study: agriculture, hydrology, construction, architecture and astronomy. We do not want to imply here that the Sumerian people were not intelligent, inventive, skilled, or industrious. In fact, they became the scribes who set down the Anunnaki stories on wet clay so they obviously were literate in the cuneiform script and language. They also recorded stories given them on thousands of clay tablets, including copious commercial transactions. They built settlements; they built palaces; they fashioned sculptures and what we now call artifacts (like the cylinder seals). They worked in metals; and perhaps (under Anunnaki direction) even built a spaceport and a landing platform for their space traveling ventures.

Certainly Sitchin’s well researched explanations are unprecedented when compared to what has been known and taught for years. Look at the outstanding features of Sitchin’s contribution: he identified another planet that belongs to our solar system, the home world of technologically advanced beings that explored and colonized Earth and built settlements in Mesopotamia. Sitchin also tells us that it was these space travelers who genetically engineered a new species. He identified evidence that these OTs held advanced technological knowledge that, for example, facilitated their use of space vehicles to remotely monitor Earth for gold deposits, a substance they needed to save their home planet’s diminishing atmosphere. His explorations of ancient sites proved that these OTs built launch sites from which to transship the gold they mined here. All these achievements were uncovered by Sitchin’s extensive research efforts.

Perhaps the most provocative component of Sitchin’s material is the evidence indicating that these space travelers genetically engineered humans by “blending” the genes of one of their males with those of an existing female hominid. This certainly is a provocatively different explanation of human origins that was unprecedented, to say the least. The concept of genetic engineering served, according to Sitchin’s information, to “jump-start” the development of human beings who were intelligent.

Zecharia Sitchin


Zecharia with statue of mother goddess, Ninhursag, at Aleppo Museum, Syria. She and Enki, according to Sitchin, supervised the genetic alterations of man.     photo courtesy of Wally Motloch


Only in the late 20th century does modern science allow us to appreciate the concept of genetic engineering. In the ancient Sumerian text called Atrahasis, Sitchin found the ancient evidence of this concept, and an ancient cylinder seal found among hundreds of these clay records attests to the existence of a laboratory. Many – if not most – of these developments likely would not even have been recognizable, let alone understood, by the early tablet redactors. From Sitchin’s boldness in setting out coherent explanations of these contributions of the Anunnaki, we find the evidence that (in Sitchin’s words), gives us the ability to appreciate that “modern science is catching up with ancient knowledge.”


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