The Philosophy of the Book Tree

The Philosophy of the Book TreeThe philosophy of The Book Tree is based on it’s founder’s vision of collecting in one place all of the books that answer life’s most meaningful and mysterious questions. This company’s purpose is to make it easy for someone who is seeking these answers to find the right tools to answer them.

When you ask the following questions to yourself in the very deepest and most profound way, and really think about what the answers are, it can lead you into the greatest adventures of your life. We are here to help you with that.

Who am I?
Am I a spiritual being? Or just an animal that has learned to reason?
What is my consciousness?
Since it is not physical, does it continue in some way after the body is gone?
How did I get here, on this physical plane?
Where was I before my birth? Did I exist in some way?
What is the true purpose for my being here? Is it just an accident?
Where am I going?
Am I evolving and growing spiritually? Or just physically, like an animal?
Do I have a soul?
Is it worth it to study the world’s greatest thinkers, or should I continue watching television or playing video games for the rest of my life?
What exactly is God?
Why does each religion claim they “own” Him and require your membership when, in fact, we are all God’s children?
If God exists, why has He not created one religion for all people, instead of dividing us?
There is goodness in all religions. What can I do to gain from them?
Can God be reached without religion?
What is an enlightened state and how can I reach it?
What is the purpose of the entire tapestry of life on this planet?
What is the purpose of my own individual life? Is it of equal importance to everyone else’s?
What do the world’s most amazing archaeological monuments reveal about mankind’s past?
Why is so much information excluded from standard history books?
If everyone really does have psychic powers, what can I do to activate mine?
I know and feel far more potential inside of me than I have ever used. How do I tap into this power?
With the world being in such turmoil, how can I help or heal others?

A book is not going to answer these questions for you in every case. But it can often point you in the right direction as you conduct your personal (and sometimes very deep) search for the truth about the world around you, who you really are, what your potential is and where you are going. Anyone conducting a thorough search on the questions above can stop here at The Book Tree and hopefully get the answers they need. That is the purpose of this company.

Sure, you can discover some great books or dvds here and then go to another mega-site on the Net and buy them there, sometimes for less, but these places know nothing of these subjects. And they are often not available to help you with your needs. Our mission is to continue with this focused work, providing this service all in one place, and would appreciate your support. You can call us anytime and ask questions about books and material relating to your search – something that you cannot do at a larger company that carries the material cheaper, but knows nothing about it. It has taken years to amass the knowledge required to help you in all of the subject areas found in our categories of books. If we do not have something that fits your specific needs we will not hesitate to recommend a title that we do not have. We are here to help you get answers, not just to make money. It is not about making money all the time; it is about supporting you and helping you on your path. We are all looking for answers and we know how to find them. We are here to help you on your important path. If we give you a great recommendation and you buy elsewhere, we hope that you will think of us next time, when you need something similar. In the meantime, we are hard at work, trying to keep an inventory of the very best information that can provide you with what you need. We are willing to take your suggestions, as well. If you have found something that has made a powerful difference in your life, let us know and we’ll consider adding to the inventory.

Currently, most of the items on the web site are the books that we publish. But we’ve always had more in our mail order catalog, which comprises over 1000 interesting items from other publishers.  We have begun adding these to the web site. In the meantime, the catalog is free so if you’d like one sent to you, just let us know. We will, at some point, have a downloadable pdf version on the site, so stay in touch if you prefer it in that form.

Our philosophy, in short, is to provide you with the very best information available on metaphysical, spiritual and controversial subjects. If you believe there’s a chance that we have succeeded in this endeavor, let us prove it to you. We hope we can win you over as a long-term customer and keep you supplied with interesting material for many years to come.

Thank you for your interest.