Jack Barranger

JackBarrangerpicJack Barranger, M.A., is a former college and high school teacher, pastoral counselor and charity fund-raiser who lectures and conducts workshops on “Knowing When to Quit” and “Finding Your Mission in Life.” At the peak of a highly successful teaching career, he quit, leaving the security of the campus for the unknowns of writing and public speaking. Those experiences, and dozens of interviews with others who have wrestled with quitting, led to his first book, Knowing When to Quit, which became one of Impact Publisher’s all-time best-selling titles. As it turns out, this was his most mainstream book. Following its publication, he began to search more deeply into why people stay in dead-end situations. His research led him into the areas of original human “creation” stories that, properly translated, stunned him but shed light on the problem. Jack found himself agreeing with researchers like Zecharia Sitchin, who believe early mankind was tampered with by intelligent beings that came here in the ancient past. We revered these visitors as “gods,” because they were more advanced than we were. They manipulated our genetic code, made us more intelligent, but exploited this intelligence by having us do work for them that they were unwilling to do. Most of it had to do with mining the gold and precious minerals they had come to retrieve from the earth. Jack calls this psychological defect in man, created by the gods, the “slave chip.” It prevents us from rebelling against difficult or uncomfortable situations and most of his addition books expand upon this theory.

Other Books by Jack Barranger

Past Shock: The Origin of Religion and Its Impact on the Human Soul, Vol. 1 of the Past Shock trilogy, 1998.

Mysteries Explored: The Search for Human Origins, UFOs, and Religious Beginnings, with Paul Tice, 2000.

The Origin of Religion and Its Impact on the Human Soul, Vol. 2 of the Past Shock trilogy, 2008.

Freedom From Religion, Vol. 3 of the Past Shock trilogy. Rico’s Irreverent Bible Studies: Fifteen Outrageous Lessons You Never Learned in Sunday School, by Rico T. Scimassass (aka Jack Barranger), 2009. The Legacy of Zecharia Sitchin, by M.J. Evans, 2010,

Appendix by Jack Barranger. Original booklet, also titled The Legacy of Zecharia Sitchin, was written in 1996 and included as lengthy Appendix. When the Gods Return, Spring, 2012.