Jason M. Breshears

Jason BreshearsJason M. Breshears became an author with The Book Tree after ordering our books for at least five years and engaging himself in extensive study. When he requested to send a book proposal, we were admittedly a bit uneasy, because Jason is incarcerated. Since he is not a convicted killer, it was decided to take a look and base our decision on the merit of the work alone. He is very good writer and researcher. As of 2012 Jason M. Breshears has been in a south Texas prison for approximately 20 years, since he was 17 years old. He was given an agreed-to sentence that would require him to serve only seven and a half years in prison. In 1999 he was granted his parole release but Texas Parole Board adopted new retroactive policies that have since blocked his release from prison. Though a model prisoner and published author, Jason has been denied parole release five times and been made to serve over twelve years more than what his original plea bargain with the State mandated. His situation is not an anomaly in the draconian system of Texas politics. Until he is released he continues his research and writing, and at 38 years old has written the following works:
Lost Scriptures of Giza: Enochian Mysteries of the World’s Oldest Texts

When the Sun Darkens: Orbital History and 2040 AD Return of Planet Phoenix

Anunnaki Homeworld: Orbital History and 2046 AD Return of Planet NIBIRU

Descent of the Seven Kings: Anunnaki Chronology and 2052 AD Return of the Fallen Ones

Chronotecture: Lost Science of Prophetic Engineering

Chronicon: Timelines of the Ancient Future

King of the Giants: Mighty Hunter of World Mythology

The Book of Jason: Philosophical Musings of a Dark Prophet
2016 AD and Beyond: An Analysis of Nostradamus, Calendrical Isometrics and the Future

The first three titles on the above list have been published by The Book Tree, and a fourth, Descent of the Seven Kings, is in the works. The remaining titles have been written and are awaiting publication.