Trevor James Constable

Ttrevor-james-constablerevor James Constable is a UFO writer who believes that the UFO phenomenon was best explained by the presence of enormous amoeba-like animals inhabiting earth’s atmosphere. He called these hypothetical creatures “critters.” Inspired by Wilhelm Reich’s orgone, Ruth Drown’s radionics, Charles Fort’s writings, Constable speculated that critters propelled themselves through the air with “orgonic energy, a force common to all living creatures,” and spent most of their time in an invisible low-density state that was reflective only to infrared radiation. When they increased their density, the animals became visible, and he claimed to have taken several photographs of them (see his book). He thought that “critters” were carnivores and the mutilated animal carcasses and unexplained disappearances were evidence that they sometimes preyed on humans and livestock. The implementation of radar was theorized to be the reason that the critters were being seen more often, as Constable imagined that it disturbs them out of hiding. His book, The Cosmic Pulse of Life, originally written in 1975, outlines his ideas. It was completely revised and updated in 2008 by The Book Tree (available here).

Born in New Zealand in 1925, Trevor J. Constable engaged a long career at sea, which spanned nearly a half century, lasting from World War II until 1992. After finishing high school, he joined the New Zealand Merchant Marine for a year, followed with the British Merchant Marine for five years, and after emigrating to the United States in 1952, sailed for 26 years with the U.S Merchant Marine as a Radio Electronics Officer. He plied the North Atlantic with the British in the late 40’s aboard the famed Queen Mary and completed more than 300 crossings of the North Pacific aboard the SS Maui, flagship of the Matson Navigation Company; the ship upon which he conducted many of his famous weather manipulation experiments utilizing the multi-tubed Cloudbuster, invented by Wilhelm Reich, and the etheric principles expounded by Rudolf Steiner and Gunther Wachsmuth.

During his 14 years aboard the SS Maui, he was finally able to divorce his cloudbusting equipment from water grounding, a substantial step forward. He now opened a new epoch in etheric weather engineering based on biogeometric forms and phi geometry. His technical goal was to directly access the etheric continuum and use its native laws to engineer weather, especially rain. In this experimental crucible on the high seas, variants were developed and frequently employed, which included rotating formats on the moving ship and injecting harmonious spiraling motions into the ether by human design. Trevor’s real-world progress was documented using very compelling time-lapse video. This video documentation demonstrated that his simple etheric vortex generators worked effectively on the local weather, even through half-inch thick steel – six decks down within the ship’s hull. As the size and weight of his etheric translators were progressively reduced, realization of a longtime dream came within reach: taking etheric rain engineering AIRBORNE. By 1994, he had conclusively proved in a series of airborne tests in Hawaii, that airborne etheric rain engineering was another new epoch in etheric engineering. The widened horizon from an aircraft, unmatched visibility, and infinite heading control, greatly magnified the effects he had learned to produce in his years of maritime pioneering.

In the late 80s and early 90s, he documented a series of smog reduction operations in southern California. These proved the effectiveness of etheric manipulation techniques against smog, in an area considered the largest and filthiest smog region in America. Funded by Singapore businessman and entrepreneur George K. C. Wuu, these operations culminated in a full-season, anti-smog operation in 1990, using fourteen stations throughout southern California. Smog was reduced in that single season by an amazing 24 percent, with a total investment cost of $35,000. Federal and state authorities were notified, in advance, of this smog reduction endeavor using official forms. Despite Trevor’s stellar results, California was not interested in the further use of these techniques and has since seen smog expenditures exceed id=”mce_marker”0 billion, with no end in sight. Trevor’s rain and smog operations are recounted in a 1994 book entitled Loom of the Future. The book employs a new literary format in the form of a book-long interview, with more than 130 photographs keyed to the text. Loom of the Future provides a historical education in the step-by-step progress of etheric engineering.
In 1991, the Singapore company Trevor formed with George Wuu, AEREO, was hired by the State of Melaka in Malaysia, then in drought. Working with George Wuu and Dr. Peter Lindemann from atop a 32-story hotel in Melaka, he engineered 38 measurable rains during a 57-day dry-season period – approximately 75 percent of a normal annual Melaka rainfall, in mainland Malaysia’s driest state.

Following Trevor’s development of airborne etheric rain engineering in 1994, having proved it practicable and feasible in both Hawaii and Malaysia, George Wuu now formed a new commercial rain engineering enterprise in Singapore called Etheric Rain Engineering Pte. Ltd. This corporation provides airborne etheric rain engineering services to governments. The company has a website with many splendid articles and explanations of etheric science at The greatest difficulty that has plagued the company since its inception has not been engineering rain or conquering smog, but rather overcoming bureaucratic sloth and the vested interests of the “disaster” industry; a dilemma that hobbles them to this day.

Trevor’s greatest literary contribution to humanity is surely The Cosmic Pulse of Life, first published in 1975. Here, he elucidates the great forward leaps engendered by the likes of Rudolf Steiner, Wilhelm Reich, and Ruth Drown, an advanced soul who Trevor often described as a “saint” who was first crucified, and then literally murdered by orthodox medical interests working through government stooges. Dr. Drown’s invention of Radio-Vision alone, an embarrassingly simple instrument used to obtain CAT scan-like X-ray images of a patient – at a distance, should have earned Drown the Nobel Prize in the early 1930’s. Instead, she was forced to endure a lifetime of unending pillorying, vilification, belittlement and kangaroo courts designed to break her emotionally, physically, and financially. In the chapters titled The Boys Downstairs and The Battle for The Earth, Trevor brings to light (25 years before anyone heard of the name David Icke) the hidden hand of the Ahrimanic powers, malevolent fourth-dimensional alien forces that are subverting and enslaving humankind from within. Other chapters in this magnificent compendium deal with the Four Ethers, UFO’s, Critters, Etherean science, Meade Layne (founder of the Borderland Sciences Foundation), George Van Tassel, Ernst Lehrs, Dr. Franklin Thomas, and a host of other important revelations and personalities too numerous to include here.

In the 1950’s Trevor met George Van Tassel, who conducted the famous meetings at Giant Rock in California. UFO manifestations and fly-bys were a common sight at Giant Rock in those days. Trevor was initially eager to learn from Van Tassel how to open up certain psychic channels within himself, but later came to deeply regret having acquired the skill. It took the help of a gifted clairvoyant, Dr. Franklin Thomas, to finally end these unwanted psychic intrusions.

While Trevor is best known for his UFO investigations and weather manipulation activities, few people realize his reputation as an aviation historian of fighter pilots of World War II. He wrote six books with Col. Raymond Toliver in which they documented the aeronautical feats and heroism of flying aces from both sides of the Atlantic. His definitive biography of Erich Hartmann, the world’s greatest fighter pilot, in a book titled The Blond Knight of Germany, was one of the most popular fighter ace biographies ever sold. The German edition alone, has enjoyed over 50 hardcover reprintings to date and has sold more than 300,000 copies. Today, at 91, Trevor James Constable retains the physical appearance and stamina of a man half his age. He recently collaborated with Jose Escamilla, known for his videotaping of “rods”, to produce a documentary about a tentative connection between Trevor’s larger “critters” and Jose’s smaller rods. The video will include footage shot by Trevor aboard airliners in the 1970’s with his 18A optical filter which shows UFO’s, in color, coming right up to the aircraft and flying side by side, unseen by other passengers. Trevor remains optimistic that the bureaucratic barriers to commercial rain engineering will someday be sufficiently dismantled to allow him and George Wuu to fully employ the marvelous methodology that he labored so long to perfect and bring rain to those many drought stricken regions of the earth where famine and economic depression need not exist. His first book, They Live In The Sky, was written in 1958, in which he advanced the shocking theory that UFOs were mainly invisible. Although out of print, much of this book has been incorporated into the recent version of The Cosmic Pulse of Life. Constable held also that our atmosphere was the home of huge, invisible living creatures, and that these were mutually confused with spacecraft when they became visible. Furthermore, Mr. Constable photographed both types of UFOs with infrared film. His bold leap into the future was rejected by official ufology. It was apparently too much too soon.
A quarter of a century later, teams of engineers and technicians in both Italy and Romainia, unaware of Trevor’s 1958 discoveries, obtained virtually identical infrared photos of UFOs, which were published in Italy. Later on in 1976, NASA used ultraviolet-sensitive videotape to record swarms of invisible UFOs, each more than two miles in diameter! Amazingly, these discs looked like Constable’s 1958 photos. Examples of all these corroborative photos are contained in the new version of The Cosmic Pulse of Life.

From Constable’s research we find that UFOs turn out to be not as simple as ships from other planets, but emerge as a biological revolution for mankind. Convinced of that from his unique experience. The Cosmic Pulse of Life, published by The Book Tree.