Joan D’Arc

Co-publisher of PARANOIA, The Conspiracy Reader, and founder of the now splintered group, The Providence Conspiracy League, the defunct Providence bookstore, Newspeak, and the past publisher of Newspeak magazine. She is the editor of the 1996 book Paranoid Women Collect Their Thoughts, and co-editor of The Conspiracy Reader and The New Conspiracy Reader (Kensington Press), which has been translated into Japanese and Romanian. She has been published in several compilations including Wake Up Down There, The Universal Seduction, and the French Fortean Journal, La Gazette Forteene. She has written for Namaste Magazine and Hellraiser Homemaker – the Gonzo Domestic Survival Guide, written for bad girls by bad girls – in a major coup against good taste. She is also an authentic, unmitigated conspiracy geek.

Her Book Tree published titles are: Space Travelers and the Genesis of the Human Form: Evidence of Intelligent Contact in the Solar System. Evidence of Intelligent Contact in the Solar System, by Joan d’Arc. Can Darwinian evolution actually prove that we are alone in the Universe? This book illustrates that Darwinian evolution is not an empirically predictable or testable scientific paradigm. It also shows that ancient artifacts on Mars and the Moon are evidence of “Game Wardens” in our own solar system. Could the Earth be a controlled DNA repository for the ongoing creation and dissemination of life forms, including humans? The author puts forth compelling evidence in this well researched work.

Phenomenal World: Remote Viewing, Astral Travel, Apparitions, Extraterrestrials, Lucid Dreams and Other Forms of Intelligent Contact in the Magical Kingdom of Mind-at-Large. For centuries mankind has been exploring the nature of reality. The materialistic scientific worldview would have us believe that physically measurable phenomena are all that exist. Yet the answers to the key of reality go far beyond this mindset. This book explores the clues we have about the nature of reality, especially those aspects that cannot yet be proven. If we can understand the most baffling aspects of reality, then we will move closer toward understanding its ultimate cause and nature.