William Marder

William MarderBill Marder has had a photographic career spanning more than fifty years. He has specialized in all phases of photography including photographic processes, techniques, and the history of photography. He has traveled throughout the United States and Canada, lecturing on the history of photography. During his travels he has had the ability to pursue his other main field research– that being the complete and accurate history of Native Americans. It took him more than twenty years to research, gather and write his book, Indians in the Americas. The book consists of hard to find but very accurate information on the true history of countless American tribes. During his travels, Bill has managed to meet with tribal leaders all over the country and receive information from them that others are not privy to. The book also contains many, many photographs – some of which have never before been published. This book exposes many things about the way Native Americans were treated that the U.S. government probably doesn’t want you to know about. This is the true history of Native Americans that was excluded from or removed from textbooks.

Indians in the Americas. Many books over the years have promised to tell the true story of the Native American Indians. Many, however, have been filled with misinformation or derogatory views. Finally, here is a book that the Native American can believe in. This well researched book tells the true story of Native American accomplishments, challenges and struggles and is a gold mine for the serious researcher. It includes extensive notes to the text and over 500 photographs and illustrations — many which have never before been published. The author, after 20 years of research, has attempted to provide the world with the most truthful and accurate portrayal of the Native American Indians. Every serious researcher and Native American family should have this ground-breaking book.