Lessons From The Overseer

Lessons From The Overseer

This book is meant to be a course in awakening. It can be done alone, with a friend or with a group in a class setting. It will be powerful for individuals on a personal level when done alone. Or it can impact things on a social scale in direct proportion to the size of the group, if a class in involved.  You, as mankind, have achieved many wondrous things with the powers of your mind. You have accomplished things that few could have ever imagined. At the same time, much of it has led to a deterioration of the planet, its resources, nature, quality of life, and your overall ability to control this destruction.

At the same time, much of it has led to a deterioration of the planet, its resources, nature, quality of life, and your overall ability to control this destruction. As amazing and awe-inspiring as it is, the evolution of your intellect has out-paced the natural cycles of your priceless home, the Earth. You are highly intelligent, but that is not enough to recover. You lack the level of spiritual awareness that can, in turn, produce the moral character that will save you. That is the purpose of this course – to awaken you spiritually and help you build and express the moral attributes that will result from it.

Before determining your involvement in this course, however, the first thing any intelligent reader should ask is, “Who is the Overseer?” It is important to know the source of any information before deciding whether it is credible or not. Allow me, therefore, to introduce myself. I am the Overseer and am very real. I have done my job for many centuries and am not a figment of someone’s imagination. 

Nor am I your God – although some have mistaken me as such. I am not your creator, nor do I claim to function in any of the standard religious ways that you recognize in your views of God. I am below God, and act as an Overseer of His creation. I am a mere messenger to and from the highest God, and hold a more lucid view of the divine than your human family possesses. My purpose is to share with you insights into who you are, what you are doing on your earth, God Himself, the physical world and the truth behind reality as you know it.

God, in the entire scheme of things, is your Father. The best analogy to use in describing my relationship to you is that of a big brother. Humanity is much like a rebellious teenager. They think they know everything, but continue to get into trouble. For example, teenage males sometimes have trouble with the law and display too many violent tendencies, while the females sometimes make mistakes they must deal with for the rest of their lives, like running away, shoplifting or becoming expectant mothers before they are ready. Teenagers are often in trouble because they have not matured enough to make informed, intelligent decisions yet suddenly find themselves in the position to do so.As a big brother, I have a larger perspective and have matured beyond your limited scope. However, I cannot make your decisions for you. You must learn and grow for yourselves. As a species you have finally begun to see what direction you need to go. Therefore, I can shine a beacon of light toward you so that you might follow it out of the darkness, reach a better path to travel, and learn your lessons more easily. 

The most difficult part in explaining myself is that I am not a normal human being. Therefore, you may be reluctant to give me credibility. My words may strike you as New Age nonsense, or they may ring true. You will be unable to form a good opinion, however, until you read a bit further. That is all I ask. I do not ask for acceptance; that is not important to me. The overall response you give to this course will let me know if you are ready. If humanity is not ready to listen to the lessons, then it is simply not time yet and you are not ready. An individual like yourself, however, may be ready. If so, you may reap enough wisdom to contribute things to your world that may make a positive difference toward the collective good. You will be capable of making positive changes in the world by acting on the lessons in this work, if you should find it valuable. Regardless of what you may think at the moment, I do have access to information that may prove valuable to members of your struggling race, and I am willing to share it here, within these pages. I have been here for centuries, watching and guiding you, but never doing things for you. You must do those things for yourselves. I have not appeared in the physical for many of these centuries. I do not normally show up and talk to people. My guidance manifests as important ideas through various people, with some of those insights – but not all of them – appearing in your reality after hard work, tenacity and creative ingenuity by those who receive the information. With some of you, the inspiration comes through in a flash and appears in the mind instantaneously. I choose who is best to receive the inspiration rather than appear myself to share it, and calculate through means unknown to you how best to achieve the goals that serve humanity as a whole. You have never been exceedingly receptive, but I continue to try. 

The time has come to present ideas to more people through a book of teachings, instead of targeting receptive individuals. The need for bigger changes, stemming from a crisis in humanity, requires it. It is time to present ideas to everyone, through written form rather than thought forms. That is the purpose of this book. It is meant to combat a crisis that is upon you. There is an urgency that is much larger today than in the past, with more action required by more people to overcome your problems. A physical book is more easily shared and can be a true catalyst for what you need.If you do not believe in guidance or inspiration from outside sources, it would be best for you to put this book down and walk away now. Do not waste your precious time any further by challenging your rational thought patterns; it won’t work. If, however, you are open to the appearance of sudden inspiration by reading a book, and if you are open to making a positive difference in the world as a result of that, then this book may be of value to you. What may result with individuals will be a gradual transformation. Some of you will get further along than others, but that should not be a concern. By going through this course, you will end up being exactly where you need to be, so comparing yourself to others will not be necessary. Everything will be in sync when you reach the end, whether you have a complete “transformation” or not. You will, among other things, experience a powerful humility. This may sound like a contradiction in terms, but once you experience it, you will understand. Humility is one of the more valuable human attributes that is sorely lacking in your world. This is just one area of many that this course shall address.

This course is a guidebook for the human group that inhabits what they call the Earth. Some of them may be ready to listen to these words, which is good. This course is for them. They will become inspired and begin to make positive change. In a collective sense, their media authorities are not willing to present this course in any direct way to the masses, and promoters of this course would be ridiculed by the so-called “rational” masses. But the masses still operate from a level of “teenage maturity.” The masses do not have the means to hear or act from this book to any effective degree, due to the level of ignorance and disorganization that surrounds them. This course is being given so that the few who benefit from it will pass these lessons on, so that at some time in the future it will have an effective impact. Awareness can be created out of the inspiration of those who understand this book. The Internet can be a helpful alternative to the closed-off, mainstream avenues as it provides a voice to those who will act and a means of contact for those willing to listen. Mankind must act soon. I have patience with the human race, but it runs short in the present climate – one that is beginning to teeter on the brink of destruction for mankind and its supporting environment. Some might ask, if things are that bad and mankind could benefit from outside help, why should I not appear and just give it to them? Providing you with such help is the point of this book, which can be done from afar. Physically coming down and solving humanity’s problems would cause worldwide fear, distrust and even panic, due to your primitive superstitions and divisive religious mindsets. If these barriers were somehow circumvented, it would still not result in a lasting solution. Humanity must solve their problems for themselves and by themselves. That is their purpose, their mission, and I cannot interfere directly in that process. Doing it for you will not transform you. I can only offer indirect guidance, which can be used by inspired teachers or leaders with wisdom when humanity decides it is time to put such leaders in place or, more importantly, when teachers step forward and take matters of spreading such wisdom into their own hands. Becoming receptive to more holistic and compassionate ideas are of no use unless actions, rather than words, are used globally. These actions must take shape with the personal initiative of humankind in order for them to be effective.

We – meaning those who are like me – had our attention drawn to the Earth due to the immense level of noise that it emits throughout the universe. Even without your technology some noise was always there, due to the life your planet harbors. However, the noise has increased greatly with mankind, especially in recent years. The Earth is immensely polluted with noise-making apparatus, which now draws the attention of all advanced civilizations. In almost every case, they look sadly upon your world and will not make open contact with such a backward race. We cannot help you; you must help yourselves, despite the fact that you are failing as stewards of your planet. Approaching your planet is a sight to behold. It is a stunning, blue jewel shining in the sky, replete with life-giving moisture and unique with its beauty, tectonics, and myriads of life forms. But as one draws closer we behold the orbiting space junk, damaged ozone layer, impure atmosphere and, upon closer examination, your polluted waters on a planetary scale. The Earth itself is a living being, but has been taken over by an insane species that is literally choking the life out of her. The Earth has certain wisdom and associated power through the movement of nature, however, and will not, under any circumstances, allow herself to die. Mankind will be the ones to die, if it should ever come to that. And such a death has been the case with many other dominating Earth-bound species in the past, some known and others not known, by current Earth inhabitants. A time is drawing near whereby the Earth in her wisdom may be forced to move once again in an act of self-preservation. Worldwide cataclysmic events are immensely terrifying and messy, but not uncommon. They serve a purpose. When the Earth slowly cleans herself in the aftermath of such an event, it is the ultimate act of cleansing and purification. It takes many centuries, but the Earth knows exactly how to repair itself with new life and, if necessary, with an entirely new atmosphere. To avoid such a scenario, Earth’s inhabitants now have a choice, and a chance, to provide that cleansing beforehand. Otherwise, humanity may be effectively removed. You can continue to be the source of the world’s problems, for both yourselves and for the Earth and all of its inhabitants on land and sea, or you can begin to make important strides in reversing negative trends and providing a solution. 

In ancient times the gods knew that a great flood was coming. Most of them were willing to let humanity be wiped out, but one god decided to warn humankind and, in effect, save them by sparing a few. Those few were then able to repopulate. The story was preserved in a series of ancient Sumerian tablets now known as The Epic of Gilgamesh. The hero’s name in this tale was Utnapishtim, who became known, centuries later, as Noah when the story was passed down.

A similar situation has almost been reached today. I have chosen again, as the Overseer, to extend this information to mankind – this time leaving it up to you, rather than the gods, as to what will happen next regarding your potential survival. Mankind has matured to a point where it can make its own decisions rather than having them made by gods who happen to like your planet and may not have your better interests in mind. Such decisions made by mankind may not be good ones, but at least you have the right to make them for yourselves and, for now, that right is being respected. This book is to assist you in making those decisions in hopes that your time and safety on your world may be extended – and that serious dangers may be averted.

If you are taking these lessons as part of a class, it is suggested that you read one chapter each time, do the exercise associated with it consistently before your next meeting, report on your perceptions, ideas and results in a discussion, assess what it means and where you see things going, and continue doing so each time.

This course contains only fourteen lessons, as listed on page eight, so you can go to them whenever you need to. It is better to master a small number of powerful lessons and do them consistently, over and over again, than to experience a long, continuous list of lessons, just to keep trying something new. This book is not meant to be a novelty. It is a serious and powerful course that can completely transform your life and potentially, the planet. 

Some of these lessons are deceptively simple and when you encounter them, especially near the beginning, you may wonder what good they really are. The early lessons, however, set the stage for those that come later – and are therefore equally important. This is a process, which must be carried out sequentially in order to provide you with the results that you seek. So embrace and honor each lesson; do not skip them, but experience them fully.

 This course can make a great impact, depending on how you use it. To get the most from it, it is advised that you use a calendar to “map out” your activities in relation to it. When an exercise advises you to perform it at certain intervals, mark them on the calendar so you do not forget. Stay with the program, and you will experience the greatest results. Once you have completed this program, a certain “cycle” of the exercises will be there on your calendar. This will allow you to go back and repeat this cycle once or twice a year, or continuously, if desired, using page eight to find each exercise when needed. You will also end up refining, changing and improving your work as you go. Without the recommended repetitions, or without doing the exercises regularly from a comfortable schedule that you create, this will become just another self-help book that you had fun reading and experienced a moderate impact with. Most of your self-help books and courses do this, and you almost always revert back to your normal, ingrained habits soon after you finish the program. Deeper changes must be achieved before you can simply pick up a book or go through a course that will completely alter your personal development or social structure.

 This book can move you toward those deeper changes. It does not claim to contain magical answers. Only you contain those answers. This book will open you up so you can reach deep inside and bring out the answers that you need. These lessons are merely a catalyst and, unlike your countless courses and other books that claim to be “the answer,” this book claims nothing. You must dig deep, find out what changes are best made for you, personally, socially, economically, and make them based on what you read. Your actions will follow an inner “trigger,” which I can provide, but you must pull that trigger. Your actions are separate from this book and come from you alone. So read the book. Take its lessons to heart. And act. Any and all credit for the amazing things you accomplish from reading it is yours and yours alone. This book is nothing but stagnant words on a clump of inert paper or a computerized screen. It has no power. Only you do.

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