Ancient Egyptian Masonry, by Somers Clarke & R. Engelbach


Ancient Egyptian Masonry, by Somers Clarke & R. Engelbach

Reveals building secrets of the ancient Egyptians, including the pyramids.

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Reveals the methods Egyptians used to build their stone constructions. We marvel at the structures they built, not knowing exactly how it was done. The authors state that their explanation of the Great Pyramids construction is not the final answer and that many mysteries still remain, yet do a fascinating job in detailing how the huge stones were dressed and laid out. Many mysteries are cleared up in this book, which includes over 250 sketches and pictures that back up the authors claims. They reveal how hard work, ingenuity, and an advanced knowledge of mathematics and physics account for some of the amazing architectural feats performed in early Egypt. Yet when a mystery remains, the authors openly admit it. Any serious researcher on ancient Egypt should not be without this book. Paperback , ISBN 9781585090594 , 6 x 9 , 350 pp. 

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