Apocalypse of Baruch, The, by R. H. Charles (Translator)


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An important religious text that was not included in the Bible. Was written in the first person, by Baruch, who describes his experiences both before and after the destruction of Jerusalem in approximately 67 AD. A fascinating work because we know the original historical setting that it was written in. More importantly, this rare book is a compilation of prophecies and revelations which have been surprising accurate in light of modern history. After World Wars I and II the prophecies recorded by Baruch became clarified. Therefore, although Charles reflects skepticism of Baruch in some cases, it may no longer be warranted in light of these newer events. It is left to the reader to explore the value of these prophecies. An extensive Index lists all other known scriptures that are directly connected to or closely parallel the text. This work is an important addition for anyone involved in a serious study of religions and apocryphal texts. Paperback , ISBN 9781585092598, 5.5 x 8.5, 184 pp.

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