Art and Science of Personal Magnetism, The, by Theron Q. Dumont


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When someone walks into a room who has cultivated personal magnetism, everyone’s attention is immediately drawn to them. With the help of this book, that person can be you. Those with personal magnetism usually have more money, charisma, friends, influence, and more fun than the average person. It all seems to come effortlessly and naturally – which is true. The author was a major force in the New Thought movement during his life and was highly respected. He will show you how to develop a dominating influence. It is done with hidden powers of both the mind and body, which the author shows you how to tap into. The exercises must be utilized on a regular basis in order to activate and enhance these powers. Highly recommended for those wishing to achieve more in their lives. Paperback, ISBN 9781585093236, 6 x 9, 248 pp.

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