Aryan Sun Myths, by Sarah E. Titcomb and Charles Morris


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Aryan Sun Myths, by Sarah E. Titcomb and Charles Morris

How early sun myths became integrated into our modern religions.

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Presents ample evidence that the earliest known mythologies concerning our life-giving sun have been handed down to us throughout the centuries, now disguised or hidden in our current religious systems, including Christianity. The sun myths that preceded Christianity became common to most cultures, as they often shared their myths when making contact with others. As a result, many pagan religions shared the same general sun myths while using different gods to represent the same story. Christianity also adopted some facets of the sun myth story. This was done to unify various pagan groups and make them more open to Christianity. It is fascinating to recognize the saviour Christ within certain sun myth stories. This is not to say that Jesus is a complete myth, but that certain mythologies were added to his life to make the theology complete. The evidence is hard to refutealthough determining the exact degree of this union will always be uncertain. Paperback, ISBN 9781585090693, 6 x 9, 192 pp. 

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