At the Feet of the Master, by Alcyone (Krishnamurti)


At the Feet of the Master, by Alcyone (Krishnamurti)

Wisdom from Krishnamurti at a surprisingly young age.

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This was the first book by the great spiritual teacher, Krishnamurti, written at the age of 14. It was written under the name Alcyone, which is the brightest star in the Pleiades. This name was bestowed upon him because it was thought he would be the next great world teacher and had returned through the reincarnation process. The wisdom in this book is amazing for such a young man, and his later work attests to this natural gift. The book addresses the question, how does one live and walk on a spiritual path? He lays out four qualifications for this path discrimination, desirelessness, good conduct and love. Each of these topics is taken in order and the reader is guided through and onto a meaningful spiritual path. This work can change the reader at a very deep level, but it is up to each person to listen, learn and act upon the principles shared. This book points to a powerful path. Walking it, with these teachings as a guidepost, is the challenge. Paperback , ISBN 9781585093069, 5 x 8 , 92 pp. 

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