Atom-Smashing Power of Mind, by Charles Filmore


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The author was a legendary teacher of spiritual Christianity and founder of the Unity Church. This book is a reflection of Fillmore’s most powerful teachings. It shows you how to tap into your innermost strengths through Christian teachings as put forth, in large part, by Jesus. It brings together the best of religion, modern science, spirituality and positive thinking to create better, more productive ways to live. God is demystified to us and understood to the point where we can experience His power more easily for the benefit of ourselves and others. The teachings of Jesus are shown in a more modern context so we can use them better in our lives. Includes a series of questions for each chapter at the end of the book to provide additional guidance to the reader and a better understanding of the work.  Paperback, ISBN 9781585093410, 6 x 9,  208 pp.

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