Book of Jasher, The, A Suppressed Book that was Removed from the Bible


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According to some sources, this book was once the original start of the Bible. We do know at one time that it was once part of the Bible, being referred to in Joshua and Second Samuel. It also survived the burning of the Alexandria Library in about 389 AD due to a fast acting custodian. Albinus Alcuin later found this work and did the original translation of it from Hebrew in 800 AD. It was later suppressed but rediscovered in 1829, when it was once again suppressed. Only now has it reemerged to become widely available and judged properly for its value. Note: A more common 64 page version is in circulation, but is a proven forgery. Paperback , ISBN 9781585090815, 6 x 9, 304 pp.

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