Book of Jubilees, The, by R. H. Charles (Translator)


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This rare and important holy book sheds new light on Judaism and early Christianity. Was written sometime between 250 BC and AD 100 by one or more Hellenistic Jews, and reflects a form of Jewish mystical thought at around the time of Christ. Retells much of the Old Testament story, but includes additional material not mentioned in the Bible. Also relies heavily on The Book of Enoch, which was, like this book, translated from the Ethiopic text. Covers Adam and Eve, the Fall of Man, Cain and Abel, the fall of the angels and their punishment, the deluge foretold, the ark and the flood, the tower of Babel and confusion of tongues, evil spirits, corruption of the human race, Gods covenant, the Messianic Kingdom, Jacobs visions, prophetic dreams, and Moses, and more. Paperback , ISBN 9781585092383 , 5.5 x 8.5 , 224 pp.

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