Book of the Damned, The, by Charles Fort


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Book of the Damned, The, by Charles Fort

Great collection of weird events, all true.

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Time travel, UFOs, mysterious planets, stigmata, rock-throwing poltergeists, huge footprints, bizarre rains of fish and frogsnearly a century after this book was first published, the strange phenomenon presented in it remains largely unexplained by modern science. Through painstaking research and a witty, sarcastic style, Fort captures the imagination while exposing the flaws of popular scientific explanations. Virtually all of his material was compiled and documented from reports published in reputable journals, newspapers and periodicals because he was an avid collector. This was the first in a series of books on unexplained events and to this day remains the most popular. If you agree that truth is often stranger than fiction, then this book is for you. Paperback , ISBN 9781585092789 , 6 x 9 , 228 pp. 

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