Breaking the Godspell: The Politics of our Evolution, by Neil Freer


The implications in realizing that human origins are in fact connected to the outside intervention of an advanced race.

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Introduction by Zecharia Sitchin. Explores the archaeological, astronomical and genetic evidence for our being a half-alien, genetically engineered species. Presents the mind-boggling ramifications of this new paradigm which correct and resolve the Creationist-Evolutionary conflict, afford a generic definition of human nature, and the potential to rethink the planet. We are about to step out of racial adolescence into stellar society. Timothy Leary said Breaking the Godspell is a stimulating, startling, engrossing, thought-provoking work. The author, Neil Freer is a major philosophic voice. He weaves together an amazing mosaic of archaeology, myth, history, comparative religion, mixed in with innovative perspectives from genetics, information theory, psychology, and neurology. This book is an encyclopedia of innovative ideas and engaging speculation. It will alter your consciousness. It could change your life. Paperback , ISBN 9781885395368 , 6 x 9 , 151 pp.

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