Christos: The Religion of the Future, by William Kingsland


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Mankind is learning and evolving. Although we are still animals in a biological sense, what separates us from them is the evolution of our minds. According to the author, this evolution moves through three stages: the physical, the mental, and then the spiritual. Most of us are still in the mental stage and our religions are a reflection of this shortcoming. As we become more spiritually aware, our religions will have to change. This is already starting to happen, especially with Christianity. Kingsland said, “There are two courses open to it: either to strip itself of its pagan accretions and get back to the simple religion of Jesus, or to recognize the allegorical nature of its present literalized Scriptures, and to understand and teach the real and original Gnosis from which these sprang: the real inner spiritual meaning as known to the Initiates who formulated them.” Paperback , ISBN 9781585093250 , 5.5 x 8.5 , 136 pp.

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