Comte de St. Germain, The, by Cooper I. Oakley


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Comte de St. Germain, The, by Cooper I. Oakley

Provides actual proof for the travels and accomplishments of history’s most mysterious man.

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St. Germain was considered a mystic, philosopher, and master alchemist of the 17th century who held the key to immortality. Sightings of him after his death by high-profile, credible people added to the legend. This is the most rare and sought after work concerning his life. The author was able to procure documents unavailable to others, which thereby allows some of the mystery to drop away. Nowhere beyond this book will one find documents written in St. Germains own hand, providing proof of his whereabouts and concerns during certain parts of his life. The author does a great job tracing his movements between countries, revealing many mysteries and secrets that surround him. Paperback ISBN 1585090689, , 6 x 9 , 280pp 

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