Cosmic Pulse of Life, by Trevor James Constable


Cosmic Pulse of Life, by Trevor James Constable

Pioneering book on how to see and photograph inter-dimensional “critters” and UFOs.

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This book presents evidence that UFOs are mainly invisible and consist of both physical craft and living, biological creatures. The author convincingly shows that our atmosphere is the home of huge, invisible living organisms that are sometimes confused with spacecraft when they became visible. Mr. Constable has photographed both types of UFOs with infrared film, some of which are reproduced in this expanded and updated edition. Despite his bold leap into the future, the general public and official ufology have a hard time accepting the evidence. In more recent years teams of engineers and technicians in both Italy and Romania, unaware of Constable’s earlier discoveries, obtained virtually identical infrared photos of UFOs, which were published in Italy. In 1996, NASA used ultraviolet-sensitive videotape to record swarms of invisible UFOs that looked like Constable’s earlier photos. Examples of these photos are also contained in this book. Also covered are earlier pioneers into important life energies that play a big role in this research, including Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Rudolf Steiner, and Dr. Ruth B. Drown. Recommended for those interested in UFOs and higher realms of physical reality. Paperback, ISBN 9781585091157, 6 x 9 , 360pp 

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