Devil’s Dictionary, The, by Ambrose Bierce


Devil’s Dictionary, The, by Ambrose Bierce

One of the best satirical books ever written.

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Not an evil book, it just contains great humor and a cynical view of life. Now considered a classic work of humor. There’s a ring of truth to many of these outrageous passages, which makes it so fun to read. Bierce was rewarded for this book by being called The Wickedest Man in San Francisco, among other things. Nothing is sacred in this rollercoaster ride of outrageous barbs and cynical jabs at politics, religion, business, the arts, and literature. He is a master at satirical definitions. Contains over 1000 separate entries, listed in alphabetical order. Highly recommended for those who take life too seriously. Paperback, ISBN 1585090166, 6 x 9 , 144pp 

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