Dragon Cede, The, by Nicholas de Vere and Michael Hunter


Dragon Cede, The, by Nicholas de Vere and Michael Hunter

Research into the ancient dragon bloodline and its implications for today.

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This reference book is for all those interested in the Grail families or who wish to study further the ancient mythological, legendary and historical origins of their own lineage. It is the second book in the “Dragon Legacy” series and contains the most comprehensive genealogies of the Houses of Vere, Weir and Collison published to date. Also published for the first time is the Dragon Descent of Jesus Christ from Satan, an explosive secret kept hidden for centuries by a few rare Gnostic sects, which calls into question some of the ancient identities and the interrelationships of figures we have become familiar with today. In the Interview with Tracy Twyman the reader will learn the true purpose Jesus had for Mary Magdalene, her cosmic identity and the real nature of his clandestine “church.” In the excerpts from the work by Leonid Korablev, “The True Elves of Europe,” we are introduced to the factual origin of Tolkien’s Elves and their true basis in history. Numerous biographical notes and passages concerning the Grail line and the Vere family can be found throughout the book. Paperback, ISBN 9781585091188, 6 x 9, 490 pp.

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