Emanuel Swedenborg: The Spiritual Columbus, by William Spear


Emanuel Swedenborg: The Spiritual Columbus, by William Spear

The discoveries of one of the most amazing men who ever lived.

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Swedenborg accomplished more than most people would in ten lifetimes. He was fluent in nine languages, excelled in music, was a member of Parliament, wrote 150 books covering seventeen different sciences, and invented an undersea boat, glider, and hearing-aid trumpet for the deaf. As an astronomer he put forth the nebular theory regarding planetary formation. As a physiologist he discovered the function of certain ductless glands and several areas of the brain. He wrote the first in-depth books on metallurgy and developed an elaborate theory of the origin of all things —but at age 57 dropped all scientific pursuits to search for the human soul. His spiritual discoveries attracted a large following that ultimately became a religion. Find out how one man could accomplish all this and more.  Paperback, ISBN 9781585090969, 6 x 9, 212 pp.

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