Freedom From Religion, by Jack Barranger


Freedom From Religion, by Jack Barranger

You will want your freedom even more if you read it.

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Have you ever wondered why religion can be as enslaving to people’s minds as jails are to their bodies? Why is such enslavement not only welcomed, but why do the victims try so hard to enslave others? Why have more wars been fought over religion than for any other reason? How can we break free from this terribly negative pattern? Barranger is a trained theologian and former teacher of Critical Thinking who sees little difference in thought patterns found in our mainstream religions and cults. He believes that we have within us a “slave chip” that needs to be deprogrammed and brings us through the process, step by step. He presents The Ten Commandments, then follows them with a parallel list called The Ten Realizations, which can be used as a blueprint for attaining our spiritual freedom and deprogramming us from negative behavior. It is often said that the most enslaved people are not even aware that they are in prison. With that in mind, this book will allow some of us to see the prison bars around us. As he states in the Introduction, Beware: Reading this book could set you free. Paperback, ISBN 9781585091164, 6 x 9, 126 pp

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