Gerald Massey’s Lectures, by Gerald Massey


Gerald Massey's Lectures, by Gerald Massey

The religious revolutionary's best collection of research and ideas.

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Gerald Massey was a brilliant mythologist, Egyptologist, and researcher into the origins of Christianity. Most of the lectures found here cover these subjects, making this book a perfect overview of Massey’s ideas. He often reveals ancient hidden truths that bring a sudden understanding to our more modern religious beliefs. Lecture titles include The Historical Jesus and the Mythical Christ; Paul as a Gnostic Opponent, not the Apostle of Historic Christianity; The Logia of the Lord, or the Pre-Christian Sayings Ascribed to Jesus the Christ; Gnostic and Historic Christianity; The Hebrew and other Creations Fundamentally Explained; The Devil of Darkness, or Evil in the Light of Evolution; Luniolatry: Ancient and Modern; Man in Search of His Soul During Fifty Thousand Years, and How He Found It; The Seven Souls of Man, and Their Culmination in the Christ; and The Coming Religion.  Paperback, ISBN 9781585093229, 6 x 9, 287 pp.

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