God Games: What Do You Do Forever? by Neil Freer


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Godly genes mixed with primitive man = modern man with an accelerated evolutionary path. What to expect.

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Introduction by Zecharia Sitchin. Outlines the human evolutionary scenario far into the future. Describes whats in store for us as our dawning genetic enlightenment reveals the new human, and the racial maturity of a new planetary civilization on the horizon. We all can contribute to our future as we evolve from a slave species to far beyond what we could previously imagine. With the godspell broken, humans will create our own realities and play our own god games. According to Freer, once we understand our true genetic history we will eventually move beyond the gods, religion, linear consciousness and even death. A brilliant philosopher, great thinkers in the future may consider this book as being one that opened the door to our full evolutionary potential and a new paradigm. Paperback , ISBN 1885395396 , 6 x 9 , 312 pp. 

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