God-Kings of the Vikings, The, by Hugh Montgomery


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God-Kings of the Vikings, The, by Hugh Montgomery

Book Two of the true bloodline of Jesus trilogy, includes important genealogies and DNA test results.

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This book is the new, expanded second installment of the God-Kings trilogy, which traces the descendants of Jesus down through the ages. Other books purport to do this with great fanfare, however this trilogy quietly goes about its business in an academic style, often based on rare supporting documents that in many cases no other researchers have had access to. This includes the results of important DNA studies. In this second volume Montgomery picks up the trail of direct descendants from Jesus with Maria of the Elchasaites. She married the King of the Visigoths, Ataulf, which proved to be the beginning of the great Viking Ulvungar dynasty. A detailed history of these families follows, showing how they conducted themselves throughout the centuries between the years 850 to 1086 C.E. Many important historical events are covered in relation to this bloodline, including the conquest of England herself. Includes accurate, carefully researched genealogies and DNA related evidence supportive to the thesis of this work. You will not find much direct reference to Jesus in this particular book, but there is a bigger picture at work that, once grasped, may reveal a new understanding of world events. If you thought the idea of of a “bloodline from Jesus” was improbable, found only in novels like “The Da Vinci Code,” then you need to look again, very closely, at the entire God-Kings trilogy.  Paperback, ISBN 9781585091249  6 x 9, 176 pp. 

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