History of the Waldenses, by Paul Tice & Anonymous


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History of the Waldenses, by Paul Tice & Anonymous

Devout Christian sect was terribly persecuted for centuries, but still survives today.

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The story of the Waldenses is one of the greatest spiritual sagas the world has ever known, yet few people have heard of them. Their story deserves to be told because, in spite of terrible persecution, their heritage is still alive and well today. They were devout Christians who tried to follow the original teachings of Jesus to the best of their abilities. The Church had different views and opposed them, including the Waldenses efforts to translate the Bible out of Latin so that common people could read it. This book tells of their struggle to survive against a much larger and more powerful foe. It is told from the Waldenses point of view, despite the previous belief that all we had known about them was written by their enemies. Paperback , ISBN 1585090999 , 6 x 9 , 180 pp. 

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