Hus the Heretic, by Poggius the Papist and Paul Tice


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Hus the Heretic, by Poggius the Papist and Paul Tice

A major force in history that few people know about.

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John Hus was one of the greatest religious and spiritual pioneers to ever grace this earth, and many experts agree that the Reformation would have never been possible without him paving the way. He paid for his beliefs, however, by being burned at the stake in 1415 at the age of 42. This book is composed of three sections meant to provide the most complete picture of Hus ever assembled. The main section is composed of two detailed letters from Poggius, a witness to the trial, to a friend. He appeared on behalf of the Church, but became secretly allied with Hus. Paul Tice adds a section providing additional background information on Hus, including his beliefs, motivations and friendships. Lastly we include a six-page letter written by John Hus to his followers the night before his execution. Paperback , ISBN 1585092320 , 6 x 9 , 124 pp. 

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