Lessons From the Overseer, by The Overseer


Lessons From the Overseer, by The Overseer

A guidebook for awakening, like a mini Course in Miracles. Change your life.

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The growth of mankind in its most vital sense has been sacrificed for material pursuits, corporate greed and technological progress. As a result, humankind has failed to look after the Earth or itself very well. World leaders, militaries and industrial giants have little concern for spiritual matters when business as usual, which involves destroying the environment or other nations, is the first thing on their agendas. They have no time for the “nonsense” of spiritual pursuits. Enter the Overseer. He has been away for a while, but has always kept watch over the events of mankind. That is his job. He finds it necessary to step in at this key point in history, when humanity must decide whether to make drastic changes in its conduct or perish as a result of it’s failures. You can create a shift for yourself and others. That is the purpose of this book. If you have studied A Course in Miracles or attempted any other course of study without experiencing strong, transformative results, then it is time for these Lessons. They are short, easy to read and powerful.  Paperback, ISBN 9781585091379, 6 x 9, 142 pp.

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