Life of Buddha, The, by Asvagosha Bhodisattva


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Life of Buddha, The, by Asvagosha Bhodisattva

This account preserved from the first century AD.

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Originally written in the First Century, A.D. by Asvaghosha. This may be the oldest known story of the complete life of Buddha, having been written in the first century AD. The author was an educated ecclesiastic Buddhist who traveled throughout India collecting stories and traditions relating to the Buddha’s life. He was a famous preacher and musician who then wove them into a Sanskrit poem which he performed musically during his travels. The people of India delighted in this magical tale whenever it was performed with the choir of musicians who traveled with him. It holds many facts that other biographies or stories of the Buddha dont have, which makes this work so important. The entire epic is preserved in this rare book, long out of print, which may have otherwise been lost to the western world. Paperback , ISBN 9781585092338 , 6 x 9 , 172 pp. 

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