Lost Scriptures of Giza, The, by Jason Breshears


Lost Scriptures of Giza, The, by Jason Breshears

New information deciphered from Sphinx, Great Pyramid and texts.

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How and why was the Great Pyramid of Giza built? What was its purpose? What about the Sphinx? Are there clues today that will allow us to understand its meaning? Breshears provides interesting answers based on years of meticulous study. His work brings us into various holy books, the study of ancient symbols and into the oldest known writings of ancient Egypt. After exploring every part of the pyramid inside and out, the author reveals how it connects to history and how we can make future worldwide predictions based on the patterns he has deciphered. He states that all the major cataclysms of the past occurred at specifically predicable times, and when the next worldwide catastrophe will come. If his predictions are accurateand history seems to bear this out, then we may need to prepare for what is coming. Paperback, ISBN 9781585091119, 8.5 x 11 , 256 pp. 

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