Nostradamus and the Planets of Apocalypse, by Jason M. Breshears


Subtitled New Evidence for the Global Disasters Coming in 2040 and 2046 AD

Product Description

The code for understanding the prophecies of Nostradamus and when they will occur has been revealed in this book. It takes the work of Mario Reading, who first broke the code, and shows how it perfectly applies to all of Breshears’ previously made cataclysmic predictions for the years 2040 and 2046. Mr. Reading made mistakes in interpreting some quatrains for the years 2001-2012 that did not involve his code, so his work has been largely dismissed. Breshears brings Readings’ work back to life with stunning clarity – and takes it one step further in our understanding of prophetic events. Also covered are the predictions of Mother Shipton, who was not only a contemporary to Nostradamus, but made the exact predictions Breshears and Nostradamus made concerning two large scale global catastrophes that will occur six years apart. The year 2012 passed with none of the worldwide cataclysmic events predicted by others because, according to the author, they were never interpreted or explained correctly until now.