Pool of Wisdom, The, by J. Krishnamurti


Brilliant teachings from an enlightened master.

Product Description

This book contains one lecture and two of his legendary Ommen Campfire Talks given in Holland during his early years of teaching, then closes with three short poems. It reflects the last and very best of his teachings while he was still head of the Order of the Star. Includes his first revolutionary talk, “Who Brings the Truth,” at a time when he had been heralded as the next World Teacher, the Maitreya. Krishnamurti asks those present if they should believe he is the world teacher, how would it help them? This talk stresses that if you depend on authority, you will be building your foundations on sand. All of these early lessons guide the reader toward finding what matters most within themselves. His greatness as a teacher was in showing us how to be lamps unto ourselves, as found in this book, which was rare and out of print until now.