Religion Must Die, by Rich Stanit


Religion Must Die, by Rich Stanit

Religion is no longer needed by humankind, having caused more trouble than it's worth.

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By using the texts, scriptures and teachings of most global religions, the author provides ample evidence as to why religions must die. Most religions provide all the ammunition needed to use against them, while other belief systems are criticized by the author through reasoned argument and common sense thinking. Offers the reader a choice: abandon religion and walk forward into the light of rational thinking, or nurture religion and take a leap back into the darkness of ignorance, blind faith and superstition. Besides being a polemic commentary on religion and giving clear reasons as to why it should perish, it is also a philosophical work, written by a deist. It details the possible proof of God’s existence and provides the reader with an explanation of the meaning of life. Paperback , ISBN 9781585091089 , 6 x 9 , 152 pp.

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