Reprints of Rituals of Old Degrees, by Albert Pike


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Albert Pike is best known for his classic Freemasonic work called Morals and Dogma, but was responsible for a number of other important books. This is one of them, as it relates to the early development of the Freemasonic craft and its rituals. Pike believed this collection of rituals was highly important, although many are virtually unknown today. Included are the Wigan Rituals and the Master Mark Mason Ritual, both of which are early, little-known versions of these degrees. The Maconnerie D’Yorke Rituals were found in New Orleans and contain a wealth of historical information pertaining to their use, including references to Joseph Cerneau. Cerneau had developed his own competing version of the Scottish Rite, much to the consternation of the Southern Jurisdiction. The Knights Templar Ritual is the 1851 authorized revision, upon which the current one is based. The Grand Maitre Ecossais degree puts forth the idea that the true secret of Freemasonry is the alchemical transmutation of the initiate. An elite Masonic group in America limited to just 50 members, the Knights Beneficent of the Holy City, is rumored to use this degree. Also found here is an older version of the Royal Arch Exaltation Ceremony, upon which the current English ritual is based. It contains reference to “J.B.O.”, a mysterious word that has since been removed from English Masonry. This rare reprint should be of great value to Freemasonic Lodges worldwide, or for those interested in the origins and development of Freemasonry in general.  Paperback, ISBN 9781585093274, 6 x 9, 172 pp.

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