Symbols, Sex and the Stars, by Ernest Busenbark


Symbols, Sex and the Stars, by Ernest Busenbark

Preface by Jordan Maxwell, who highly recommends it.

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Subtitled An Outline of the Origins of Moon and Sun worship, Astrology, Sex Symbolism, Mystic Meaning of Numbers, the Cabala, and Many Popular Customs, Myths, Superstitions and Religious Beliefs. Preface by renowned religious researcher Jordan Maxwell who says, This is a must read for those concerned about pagan influence on the modern day Church. Answers questions such as: How did the concept of good and evil develop?, What is the true origin of Easter?, Why is sex such a powerful force in religion?, What religious symbols are really sexual messages?, How are the Great Pyramid and numerology connected?, How did Astrology really start?, Is there a connection between Jesus and Astrology?, Why was prostitution once an important part of religion?, and many others. Paperback, ISBN 9781585093359, 5.5 x 8.5, 420pp 

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