THIS Is a Book, by Paul Tice


THIS Is a Book

Real books, made of paper, have more advantages than you might think, and have been perfected over the centuries.

Product Description

Made for human readers. Not designed for Androids, Psions, Symbians, Kobos, Droids, JooJoos, Nooks, Archos, Rocketfish, Mobipockets, Kindles, iPods, iPads, Eee-pads, or pee-pads (for dogs). Not made for Microsoft Readers, Alex Readers, Arghos Readers, Palm OS Readers, DNL Readers, Apabi Readers, Nexus Sevens, Librettos, Cybooks, Pocket PCs, Windows Slates or Mobile Readers, Moby Tablets, BlackPads, WindPads, or any other non-human, non-conscious, semi-intelligent device. If you are a person, this book was meant for you. Do you love real books? So does the author. Join him on a journey that celebrates the spirit of the book – a spirit that existed before cold electronic gadgets and invisible text files came along. There’s something about a real book that an electronic device could never replace. Many reasons for our special connection to physical books can be found within the pages of this one. It explains why they will always be around and will reinforce your love for them in their original form. Also includes chapters on newspapers and public libraries. Please extend your support by purchasing this printed book and show that you care about their future.

Additional Information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 6 x 9 x .5 cm