Vedas, The, by Ralph T. B. Griffith (Translator)


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Vedas, The, by Ralph T. B. Griffith (Translator)

The very best parts are made understandable, since the Vedas were an enormous collection.

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A detailed overview of The Vedas, the holy book of the Hindus. The most important hymns are quoted in full; extracts also included from the Brahmanas, the part of the Rig Veda that that guides the Brahmans, the highest class of priests, in Vedic ceremonies. One of the oldest and most important of the worlds holy books. Primarily composed of hymns, poems, incantations and rituals from ancient India. Not only the bible of the Hindu religion, it also offers a unique snapshot of everyday life in India as it occurred over four thousand years ago. Paperback , ISBN 9781585092239 , 6 x 9 , 168 pp. 

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