When the Gods Return, by Jack Barranger


If aliens do land, they will not be cute and cuddly!

Product Description

It seems humanity is in the process of being prepared, through the media and movies, for the day when we experience contact with alien beings. We have not been officially told of their existence because society could not handle such a drastic shift right now. In order to soften the blow, aliens have been shown as nice, and sometimes even cute and cuddly. We are being conditioned to accept them, which would make subservience more likely when they finally reveal themselves. This is the first book to come out and warn us of this entire charade. The author, Jack Barranger, takes us back into early history when ancient man first made contact with these beings – beings that called themselves “gods” and demanded to be worshiped. Religion began with the gods, and the gods controlled their followers. The religions of today still maintain their original structure of servitude and have caused more bloodshed and warfare than any invention of man. The early gods divided us and made us fight their wars. Today, now that we are finally learning how to move past the confusion they caused, signs are appearing that these gods may once again appear openly. The author maps out these signs and insists if the gods do return, their purpose will again be to exploit us. Suggestions are made as to what we should do in the event of such a drastic scenario.