Works of Aleister Crowley, Volume 1


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Early mystical works, vol. 1

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This is Volume One of a three-volume set, comprising much of Crowley’s early material, written mostly between 1898-1902. His earliest works, written between 1887-1897, were almost entirely destroyed by authorities due to their offensive nature. In writing the material that appears in this volume, Crowley toned things down a notch and moved away from the more lurid and graphic sexual themes he had been primarily focused on. He concentrates almost entirely on religion and mythology in this collection. This reflects a time in his life when he was awakening to an important mystical and spiritual level. It can be seen by the reader how Crowley continues to grow and mature into more advanced ideas in the two remaining volumes, as well. It is hard to think of Crowley as a poet, but his style and advanced mystical vocabulary are unique and go beyond that of everyday poets. His plays are also interesting. Crowley once said that the last play, “Tanhauser: The Story of All Time,” contained the theory of special relativity, which Einstein clarified more fully and scientifically three years later, in 1905. This volume contains four poems, five plays, four sections of shorter poems, an Epilogue, and an interesting Appendix on Qabalistic Dogma.