World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors, The, by Kersey Graves


World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors, The, by Kersey Graves

Long considered a “must read” by religious researchers.

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Before Christianity there were 15 other religions that also had a saviour who died for our sins, then rose from the dead. Graves gives all the details, plus much more found in common including the immaculate conception of the gods, virgin born gods, magi, shepherds and angels who visit the infant saviors, the birthday of the gods being December 25th, plus an explanation as to how Jesus began to be worshipped as a God. He also reveals 346 striking analogies between Christ and Chrishna, the Hindu god. Could this once have been the same story? Graves says yes, this ever-present story is the common link between all early religions. Allows us to explore the origins of religion a bit further. Paperback , ISBN 1585090182 , 5.56 x 8.5 , 436 pp.

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