Your Faith is Your Fortune, by Neville


Revels Bible stories as tools for spiritual growth & inner transformation.

Product Description

Neville Goddard wrote mostly from the 1940’s through the 1960’s, always using his first name only – Neville. His books are still highly sought after today. This book reveals the important spiritual messages that can be found in the major stories of the Bible. According to Neville, these Bible stories are not historical. If understood correctly, they are meant as tools for the inner transformation of the reader. The Bible is first and foremost a religious book, so it makes sense that its stories would have the purpose of providing spiritual growth and transformation. Neville is a master at interpreting biblical symbolism and explains it in a way that allows us to see the Bible in a whole new light – and possibly the way it was intended. The Bible was meant to teach and to empower the individual. Whether it is real history or not – or a combination of both – Neville brings out the full potential of the stories. They are revealed as powerful teaching mechanisms, which many have experienced with great satisfaction. Reading this book may shift your understanding of the Bible and more importantly, of yourself.