Your Mind Can Heal You, by Frederick Bailes


Your Mind Can Heal You, by Frederick Bailes

Highly recommended mind power book, has become somewhat legendary.

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This well known classic may help the reader use mind power for healing. Amazing stories of recovery exist from those who have bounced back from physical problems and overcome them, without any known medical explanation. Recommended for anyone interested in healing themselves or others, and a must for those wishing to know how the mind, body and spirit work together. One should always see a medical professional first, as this book is not recommended in place professional medical help. At the same time, we are still learning about the powers of the mind and our amazing hidden potentials. Chapters include The Reality and Scope of the Mind, How Thought Causes Disease, The Universal Healing Principle, How is Healing Made Possible?, The Power House Within Us, Actual Cases of Healing, and much more. Paperback , ISBN 9781585093021, 6 x 9 , 256 pp.

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